Care and Partnership

Visit the Sandwell Borough Council web site for advice and support for special educational needs and disabilities.

Pastoral Care

The Academy has a caring and clear system for looking after its students. Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor who monitors the student’s work and general well being at school. The Personal Tutor is the first point of contact at the academy for parents. Expectations of the children are high, attendance and punctuality are expected to be excellent. Children are expected to have good manners and behaviour, responsibly conforming to school rules and dress code. Above all we aim to create a safe, happy environment in which all children can do their best. The pastoral system underpins the academy's pursuit of a bully free school.


Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in their child’s education. There are seven module reports per academic year and parents are able to comment on their child’s progress on each report.

The Academy contacts parents as soon as possible if a difficulty arises. Parents are encouraged to contact the Academy immediately if they have any concerns on any aspect of their child’s education. A rapid response system aims to contact parents within 24-48 hours. Parents receive regular mailings and a yearly newsletter. Parents and other members of the local community are encouraged to be involved in the life of the school. A parent advisory group works with the Academy to support the students via fundraising aactivities. This group meets with the Head termly to advise on future issues.

Parental Partnership

The parental partnership with the Academy is central to establishing a successful working relationship. The Home-School Agreement outlines the commitment of the Academy to its provision of education for the students and the expectations of support from parents. Charters for students and parents are drawn up which set out the services that can be expected from the Academy as well as indicating the standards of behaviour which will be expected from students.