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Star Student

Jeevun Aujla

PT Star Students

  • Naryan Sandhu
    By Mr Sturley
    Exceptional feedback from English! Well done!
  • Gurdeep Sidhu
    By Mr Kearns
    Gurdeep has been nominated as PT star student this week by his English teacher. He has demonstrated maturity and a high level of understanding in his English speaking assessment this week. He has also worked hard in exercising this week and achieved a new personal best bench press record. Well done Gurdeep!
  • Kabir Badial
    By Mr Howard
    Good work in Science and preparation for your exams. Good luck!
  • Catinah Rusere
    By Mr Golden
    Always been polite and helpful round the Academy.
  • Jasmine,Abhigya,Christopher,Jaskaran,David,Maciej
    By Mrs Hood
    Well done to Jasmine, Abhigya, Christopher, Jaskaran, David and Maciej for maintaining 100% attendance. Keep it up
  • Nordia Bryan
    By Mrs Fellows
    Nordia really impressed Mr Byrne with her debating skills in English- well done!
  • Ruby Slade
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well done for having a excellent week this week. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Samuel Gillon
    By Mr Duffield
    Well done Samuel! You always arrive on time to PT and present yourself well around the Academy. - Mr Duffield.
  • El King Lipasso + Lucy Hardy
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students have done excellently in Business and Art this week. Very well done!
  • Simran Sharma
    By Mrs Brooks
    Simran has grown in confidence over the past few sessions, with her answers and reading of the text improving week by week. Simran is also pushing the others in the group, helping them with discussion topics and encouraging them to read to the best of their ability. Well done Simran keep up the good work
  • Dru Turner
    By Miss Round
    For Achieving a grade 6 in his latest Maths assessment - a massive improvement!
  • Daniel Thomas
    By Miss Round
    For playing cricket at county level - we are so proud of you!
  • Ericka Ani-Denteh
    By Miss S Scott
    Well done on your A* grade in Psychology!
  • Oliwia Rostankowska
    By Ms Chaggar
    Received positives for good classwork in Art and Design
  • Ashok Limbu
    By Miss Spillane
    Achieving 7 positives this week from a range of subjects, well done!
  • Justyna Cupial
    By Miss Peace
    Great work and attitude, particularly in English, History and Art, well done!
  • Taran Virk And Pretty Loussakou
    By Mr Ullah
    Both Taran and Pretty have made excellent progress in Spanish and Design and Technology this week. You have both demonstrated resilience and your attitude to learning is exemplary. Well done.
  • Jovan Bains
    By Miss Roberts
    For being a positive and kind member of the PT
  • Kaysee Sidhu And Hasnain Habib
    By Mr Golden
    Consistently excellent behaviour and attitude
  • Aimee Dale And Arman Kang
    By Mr R Smith
    Well done for a fantastic week at the Academy 6 positives each and always being a positive example to others!

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Music Club
Year: 7
Staff: AJK AMD
Year: 7
Staff: ARH KRG
Multi Sports
Year: 7
Staff: CLF
Year: 7
Staff: RMS
Year: 8
Staff: PMJ EII
Maths Higher Intervention
Year: 10
2D Art
Year: 10
Staff: MT KKB
Year: 11
Staff: RAH WWS
Year: 11
Staff: TKV SSG
Year: 11
Staff: SES AMO
WBA Lesson (invite only)
Year: 12
Staff: RMD


Foreign Film Club
Year: 7
Staff: CGS
Foreign Film Club
Year: 9
Staff: MSR
Science University Days
Year: 9
Staff: TT COA
Skills (invite only)
Year: 9
Staff: JT
Year: 10
Staff: SH
Multi Sports
Year: 10
Staff: SMF
Year: 11
Staff: PKB
Spanish Mop UP
Year: 11
Staff: Spanish Staff
Art 3D and 2D
Year: 11
Staff: JED KKB
Mathematics My Maths Club
Year: 11
Staff: JJH
Year: 11
Staff: AJK
Year: 13
Staff: LLT
Year: 13
Staff: KNB
Year: 13
Staff: COA WIJ
Year: 13
Staff: NNG SBB
Year: 13
Staff: WWS
Year: 9 10 11
Staff: ARO

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