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PT Star Students

  • Royce Biju
    By Mrs White
    Most positives this week
  • Beau Fuller
    By Mrs Izadpanah
    Outstanding attitude and effort in all lessons including PT sessions. positive influence on his friends and peers. keep up the great work.
  • Amber Johal
    By Mrs Stanley-Ahmed
    Received 8 positives during this week. Some of them were from multiple book review written for the library.
  • Rahul Sirpal
    By Mr Kearns
    This week Rahul has been chosen for his excellent use of free time outside of school, improving his own skills. Rahul has spent time developing and creating his own NFT images that he plans to sell online.
  • Patryk K
    By Mr Bhopal
    No negatives and one positive. Good improvement
  • Charlotte Perry
    By Mr Swain
    Well done, star of the week
  • Halima Lal
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well done for achieving the highest number of positives this week. Well done for the excellent effort you have put in across your subjects. Keep up the brilliant work.
  • Ishitha Ali, Harry Morris And Jujhar Dhillon
    By Mr Ferguson
    Students have received at least four positive comments during lessons last week.
  • Pavandeep Dhillon
    By Miss Parker
    Excellent work this week 11 positives! 116 so far this academic year and no negatives.
  • Joseph Johnson
    By Mr Follis
    Joseph has an excellent week, collecting 11 positives. Well done and keep it up.
  • Pavandeep Shergill
    By Mr Khuttan
    Gaining most positives. Excellent work on the Maths Chapter assessment.
  • Natalia Branston, David Pietruszka.
    By Mr Howard
    Well done Natalia for another great and positive week in the academy and well done David for 100% attendance.
  • Monique Gangani, Shayana Simmons, Ami Rana
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Ami and Shayana for getting 2 positives this week. Well done Monique for achieving 2 A's in her Mock Maths Assessments- keep up the fantastic effort! :)
  • Mia Bevan
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done on getting the most positives this week
  • Travis, Myles And Shyan
    By Miss S Scott
    Travis, Myles and Shyan have been awarded PT Star Student for dedication to their studies. All students attended extra weekend sessions to prepare for their exams.
  • Leona Tapfumaneyi + Jackson Ngugi
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students have been nominated by the PT for having a excellent week in school, well done both!
  • Eboni Brown
    By Mrs Fellows
    For fantastic work in Geography and for being a valuable member of the tutor group.
  • Luther Do-Rose
    By Mr Blanche
    For most positives in the PT this week!
  • Manrea Johal
    By Mr W Smith
    Manrea approaches everyday with enthusiasm and dedication to her subjects. She is a conscientious student and I have nominated her this week for her caring attitude towards both her peers and staff. Well done Manrea!
  • Manheer Singh
    By Miss Round
    For excelling in Spanish this week and receiving a glowing email about his general good attitude in the Academy!
  • Niamh Lindo-Brooke
    By Ms O'connor
    You have 116 positives and 0 negatives since September, well done! You work very hard, produce excellent classwork and are a wonderful friend to others in the PT. Keep it up!
  • Jasmine Holmes
    By Miss K Goddard
    Jasmine has received 4 positives and no negatives this week, which is brilliant. She is an extremely polite and involved member of our PT. Well done!

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