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PT Star Students

  • 8 Archer Helpers
    By Mrs Virk
    Priya, Esinam, Simran, Abu, Navjit, Sonakshi, Roshan, Oliver, Abigail, Henil, Ava. The above pupils were fantastic on Wednesday in helping out with the Year 6 Open Evening. Well done!
  • Navamjot Sandhu
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done on completing your personal statement!
  • Mohammed Ilyas
    By Miss Peace
    Amazing start to y10 showing the same excellent attitude as before. A role model.
  • Krshma Humayun
    By Miss Read
    A great start to Year 12 Business Studies - well done!
  • Charles Ottah
    By Ms Estrada
    Charles is making an excellent progress in his attitude towards learning, especially in Spanish. He is trying his best to improve his speaking skills. Charles contributes in the lessons and he displays an aspirational attitude.
  • Adrianne Pinlac And Freya Adamson
    By Mrs Stanley-Ahmed
    For getting the most positives this week with no negatives. Well done, a great achievement, keep up the good work.
  • Maya Muhammed
    By Miss Rai
    Fantastic effort and kindness throughout the week. Great confidence when presenting citizenship this week.
  • Sarah Nawaz
    By Mr Bilal
    Sarah has been performing fantastically this week and has been consistently shown perseverance.
  • Grant Cave And Kiara Khumalo
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on your number of positives and great work in English respectively!
  • Amina
    By Miss Balagan
    Well done for getting the most positives in PT this week with no negatives.
  • Fatoumata Mass
    By Miss Malin
    Well done for creating amazing art work!
  • Joseph Bates, Jye Cope, Liam Mcculskey,Harvey Nota
    By Miss Truscott
    Brilliant work all week. Good feedback from teachers, leading the way in PT!
  • Praise Daya + Malia Howe
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students were fantastic at Open Evening and helped in the Math's department, well done girls!
  • Jiya Verma
    By Mr Follis
    A fantastic start to Year 10. Well done!
  • Adam, Ella And Chanel-Nevaeh
    By Mrs Hood
    Congratulations to Adam, Ella and Chanel-Nevaeh for gaining the most Positives this week for Good Classwork and Effort. Well done. Keep in going
  • Briony Jones, Herah Noor & Kinga Kurzydym
    By Miss Deakin
    Well done to the 3 of you for getting the most house points for our PT this week!
  • Bodil Dall
    By Miss Ryan
    Bodil has achieved the most positive logs in Year 9 - Cadbury. Not only this, but Bodil consistently remembers all her equipment and is always ready for silent reading during PT time.
  • Aryton Virdee (7 Hadley)
    By Mr Sturley
    for excellent performance throughout the week as signified by positives from his teacher.
  • Jakub Dutkiewicz
    By Mr Bhopal
    Excellent start to the year. Very enthusiastic and helpful during PT. Well done !
  • Khatija And Keira
    By Mrs Barnes
    Thank you for supporting the Y6 evening
  • Jayden Poole
    By Miss Roberts
    Since the start of the year, Jayden has been a role modle student who always arrives on time, is respectful to both peers and staff. He is a modle student who always offers help and support to other, Well done for the great start. Keep it up.
  • Maryam Khan
    By Mr Duffield
    For sitting second at the top of our positive table in PT. What a great start the to Academic Year. Well done!
  • Simran Sagoo
    By Mrs Morris-Ashman
    Brilliant effort in lessons. Well done on topping the PT in positives.
  • Aleena Mahmood And Nicole Masih
    By Mr Jones
    Superb effort in school, lots of hard work which is paying great dividends - well done!
  • Veronica Sandhu
    By Mr Blanche
    For showing a positive attitude to learning and academy culture
  • Jeevan K
    By Mr Kumar
    Jeevan is a dedicated student and has made a very positive start to the year!
  • Ahmad Chugtai
    By Miss Bassi
    Excellent contribution and work shown in lessons this week. Keep it up!
  • Lorelay, Suchet And Jasdeep
    By Ms O'connor
    Representing the Academy by helping out in English for the Year 6 Open Evening. Well done and thank you!
  • Chloe Gladwin
    By Mr Roden
    Chloe has shown a wonderful positive attitude to her studies and has proven to be a reliable member of the PT group. As a result she has now been awarded the role of House Captain. Well Done Chloe.
  • Preston Billingham
    By Miss Leach
    Preston has been excellent this week contributing in PT and has got lots of positives! Well done!
  • Kai Taylor
    By Ms Chaggar
    Received positives in Spanish and Business
  • Safwaan Tayyib
    By Mr Kearns
    Safwaan is this week's Star Student for attending a virtual work experience placement in accounting.
  • Aidan Ellis
    By Mr Ferguson
    Aidan has received 7 positives during lessons last week from his teachers. Well done Aidan
  • Reehan And Nordia
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done both on the positive starts to your new courses with fantastic feedback from your teachers.
  • Billy Fielding And Jake Pearson
    By Mr Chambaud-Boudet
    Billy and Jake volunteered themselves to deliver this week's citizenship and they produced an excellent presentation on a serious topic, sparking thought-provoking conversations throughout the PT - well done!
  • Joshua
    By Miss Balagan
    Well done for supporting peers in lessons and going above and beyond by helping teachers.
  • Malika Rattan
    By Mr Kearns
    Malika Rattan is Star Student this week for her commitment to the community outside of school.
  • Evie Carter
    By Miss Hubble
    You are working extremely hard in your subjects and meeting all deadlines. Well done.
  • Rian Day
    By Mrs White
    improved attendance and most positives this week.
  • Sophie Timbrell + Evan Slater
    By Miss L Scott
    Both students have had a brilliant first full week in Year 9, very well done guys!
  • Gurleen Kaur, David Adeboye, And Jason Saul Allen
    By Mr Jones
    Phenomenal start to the year; great application and terrific momentum built for the year ahead. Well done!
  • Amber Johal
    By Mrs Stanley-Ahmed
    Well done for collecting an amazing amount of 14 positives this week. Keep up the good work.

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