Parents Charter

Improving Services

Sandwell Academy is committed to continuously improving the service we provide to students, parents and the wider community. We have quality assurance systems in place for gathering information and monitoring progress in relation to customer care.

As well as commenting on the regular Module Reports, parents and students are invited to complete questionnaires throughout the academic year: for example, at the end of each year, following the Key Stage 4 Information Evening, Careers Discovery Programme, etc. The information gathered is quantified and evaluated to gauge satisfaction and to identify areas for improvement.

We always welcome communication from parents to help us raise the quality of services available. A list of personnel to contact is given on the following page. Communication which does not fall into one of these categories should initially be addressed to the Head’s PA.

Parents who are Members of the Advisory Group

Sandwell Academy has established a Parent Advisory Group which is supported by parents.

Messages for members of the Advisory Group can be forwarded via the Academy Reception.

The Advisory Group meet termly with the Head and provide advice, information and support. Their work includes monitoring and, if appropriate, improving the Charter for Parents. They have the brief to encourage parents to use the systems in place at Sandwell Academy. They also raise issues and make suggestions to try and improve Sandwell Academy. A key part of their role is organising fundraising on behalf of the Academy.

Assistance in the development and preparation of Academy policies e.g. Behaviour Policy, Health and Sex Education Policy, are amongst the many tasks undertaken by the Advisory Group.

The Head recognises the importance of hearing the views of the local community about Sandwell Academy and will therefore co-opt representatives to sit on the Advisory Group at appropriate times.

The services you should expect from Sandwell Academy

  • A safe and orderly learning environment with high standards of behaviour.
  • A broad Curriculum with an emphasis on Sport and Business Enterprise.
  • Regular reporting (currently 7 reports per academic year) to ensure that parents are fully informed about student progress. This will give you frequent opportunities to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • A Personal Tutor system which supports students throughout their academic career at the school.
  • Advice for parents on how best to support their child’s education with information provided via the post and online about important issues.
  • A polite, courteous and prompt response. It is always helpful if parents reciprocate. Sandwell Academy does not tolerate any form of rude or aggressive language towards its members of staff.
  • Quick, decisive action with any unruly students to protect the interests of the majority.
  • Quick, decisive action to protect your child from bullying.
  • Comprehensive careers advice and links with industry.
  • An Academy environment free of harmful and illegal drug possession, selling, purchase or consumption. Any such activity will result in permanent exclusion.
  • An ICT network that has systems and rules in place to safeguard your child as far as possible from inappropriate materials.
  • Access to all Sandwell Academy’s policy documents, available by prior appointment with the Head’s PA.

How parents can support their child at Sandwell Academy

  • Ensure that your child understands the Standards of Behaviour expected of him/her as described in the Students’ Charter.
  • Ensure that your child understands the seriousness of downloading inappropriate materials from the computer facilities in Sandwell Academy and counsel him/her that this could lead to the loss of his/her place at Sandwell Academy.
  • Always report to us any concerns about your child’s well-being and work co-operatively with the Academy to resolve matters satisfactorily.
  • Encourage excellent attendance and punctuality. Please do not arrange family holidays during term time.
  • Provide a suitable ‘distraction-free’ environment for homework to be completed on time, or encourage your child to visit an after-school ‘Session 3’ at the Academy.
  • Observe your child’s progress via Module Reports and let the Personal Tutor know of any concerns or suggestions you may have in the parents’ section of the Module Report.
  • Make yourself aware of the meaning of the National Curriculum levels, GCSE grades, as well as AGCE grades at Sixth Form level. Ask teachers to explain if necessary.
  • Show a particular interest in your child’s development by asking about their work in all subjects they are studying.
  • Use our website ( to access the curriculum; this includes an Academy Twitter feed. Ask your child or Academy staff for help if required.
  • Be safe and considerate to others when dropping off/picking up your child outside Sandwell Academy. Do not obstruct the entrance/exit by stopping on the zig-zag lines or abuse any other parking restrictions around Sandwell Academy.
  • Encourage your child to travel safely if using Sandwell Academy coaches and to adhere to the Coach Contract rules.
  • Always attend key presentations with your child so that they feel supported by your involvement. These are usually at the beginning of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 (Options) and in preparation for the Sixth Form.
  • Encourage your child to attend trials to represent Sandwell Academy in sporting, or other, activities and come to the Academy to support them.
  • Encourage your child to audition for Sandwell Academy productions, attend Music School and come to the Academy to watch his/her performance.
  • Attend the frequent opportunities to meet with the Careers staff to help plan your child’s future.
  • Support your child in participating in charitable events at Sandwell Academy especially for those less fortunate than themselves.
  • Support your child and Sandwell Academy by attending events, e.g. Drugs Awareness Evenings, IT Evenings, Science Evenings, Summer Fayre, Quizzes, etc.

Parental & Visitor Code of Conduct


Sandwell Academy believes that our staff have the right to work in an environment where they are not subjected to abusive, threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour. This includes: use of inappropriate language, abusive comments, shouting, physical threats, physical actions. Parents and Visitors should note that any form of physical aggression towards staff will be reported to the Police.

The Academy understands that from time to time, an individual may be placed in circumstances they find difficult to manage, and their reaction may be to respond inappropriately, either through unacceptable language or abusive comments. Academy reception and administration staff (i.e. front line telephone staff) receive training to work in partnership with the person involved to try and find a positive outcome for all parties.

Academy staff are trained to give 2-3 warnings to a parent that they will terminate a telephone call if abusive or aggressive language is used.