Welcome to Careers at Sandwell Academy

Sandwell Academy offers a full time Careers team to support students, parents and carers in regards to their next steps once they leave the Academy. Located in the centre of the Academy above the main reception, the team operates an open door policy, allowing students to drop in to speak to a member of team. 

The Careers Team consists of a full time Director of Careers, Mrs Sue Timms.

She is supported by: 

  • Mrs Karen Soulsby, an Independent Careers Advisor
  • Mrs Clair Drummond, Employer Engagement Officer

You can find their available hours here.

Student Entitlements to Careers Education are set out in a Careers Policy (copies available in the Careers Department). There is a planned programme of Careers Education providing opportunities to develop and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to make realistic career decisions.

For any further information about the Careers Curriculum, please contact Sue Timms - Director of Careers.

Careers Curriculum

Click here to see the Careers Curriculum for 2019/2020

Attached are the DFE Guidelines

Each student is entitled to:

  • Individual guidance from the Director of Careers, Industrial Consultants and Independent Employment and Training Consultant.
  • A 'drop-in' Careers Resource Centre with comprehensive and up-to-date information on opportunities in Education, Training and Employment.
  • Access to computer programmes: E-clips and Higher Ideas are careers databases of occupational information and provide job and career ideas for career exploration. Fast Tomato which is Interactive Careers Guidance and Education for teenagers.
  • Access to UCAS (information on universities in the UK).
  • A Careers Education Programme built into the Academy Curriculum.
  • A Work Placement