Academy Organisation


Excellent features include:

Electronic Whiteboard Technology Sports Hall and Fitness Suite
Library and Information Technology Centres Floodlit Astro-Turf and Athletics Track
Theatre with tiered seating Floodlit Playing Fields
Dance/Drama Studio with sprung floor Closed Curcuit TV
Sound/Video recording Studio Restaurant

Timing of Academy Day

Students Arrive 8:05am - 8:15am
8:20am All students in lesson
Session 1a 8:30am - 10:05am
  (Includes 15 minute breakfast )
Session 1b 10:10am - 11:30am
Personal Tutorial 11:35am - 11:50am
Session 2a 11:55am - 1:55pm
  (Includes 40 minute lunch)
Session 2b 2:00pm - 3:20pm
Students Depart 3:20pm

Monday to Thursday ONLY

Session 3 Break 3:20pm - 3:40pm
Session 3 3:40pm - 5:10pm
Students Depart 5:10pm - 5:15pm

To ensure their safety, students are not permitted to leave the Academy premises at break time.

Session 3 Transport

For students using the Academy coach there will be a restricted service after Session 3 activities. Transport will be available at 5.10pm as demand requires. Students should sign on to the late coach during their journey in the morning and this list will be held at Reception during the day. It is essential that Session 3 arrangements are made at the start of the day.

It may not be possible to alter transport arrangements for students later in the day and therefore this may result in parents having to collect their child.

Once signed up for a Session 3 activity, students are not permitted to change their mind (with the exception of emergency situations when the Academy Reception must be notified).

Transport Details

The Academy Coach Service provides coaches which travel to and from the Academy each day. This coach service is for students who have pre-booked places at the beginning of the academic year.


The transport arrangements have been made with due regard to the best interests of the students. Suggestions for improvement will be accepted by the Academy but decision is final.

Students who intend to bring a bicycle to the Academy should make contact with the Student Support Officer, Miss Baker to arrange a contract to bring bicycles on to the Academy site.

Sixth Form students are not allowed to bring cars or mopeds on to the Academy site. Information regarding parking facilities on the WBA Tom Silk Site should be obtained from Miss Baker.

Parents Bring Students By Car

Please do not drop off students, park or turn your cars around in the entrance to the Academy. This is illegal and discourteous. Parents need to make themselves aware of the yellow markings on the road outside the Academy and park in a safe place. In the interests of students' safety, parents are not allowed to come on to the Academy site to drop students off.

Please note that we work closely with the Highways Agency, local council and the Police to enforce traffic regulations in the interest of student safety.


Years 8/9/10/11 Sixth Form & Year 7

Please use Entrance B. The cloakroom is for your coats and bags. No coats or bags are to be taken into the main body of the Academy. Teaching staff will be available to help and direct you.

Please use Entrance A. The cloakroom is for your coats and bags. No coats or bags are to be taken into the main body of the Academy. Teaching staff will be available to help and direct you.


ALL food and drink must be consumed in the Restaurant.

Academy Provision

Academy provides breakfast and lunch in the Restaurant. Breakfast costs should work out between £2.00 and £2.50. Lunch menus will offer variety, including Halal and a vegetarian alternative. Lunch costs should be between £2.80 and £4.00. All food will be freshly prepared each day.

A selection of fresh fruit, cakes and yoghurts will be available. The Academy suggests £3.50 for lunch and an optional £2.00 for Breakfast as a suitable daily allowance. Hot drinks are available from vending machines at a reasonable cost. Water can be obtained free of charge.

We always aim to keep the price of ‘healthy option’ items, ie vegetables, salad and fruit, as low as possible to encourage the students to eat a balanced diet.

Please note that Sandwell Academy operates a "Cashless System" and requires parents to use "Parent Pay" to place money on an account so students can purchase food via the use of a biometric reading of your child's finger print.

Packed Lunches

All students are welcome to bring their own packed lunches to the Academy and will join the other students in the Restaurant.


Families qualifying for financial support with meals will receive the equivalent of £3.50 per day. This should be used to obtain lunch. Students do not need to identify themselves when passing through the till as this will be done automatically via the cashless system. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality. Students who require breakfast should bring the required amount of money.

Parent Pay At Sandwell Academy

For detailed information and Frequently Asked Questions about Parent Pay, please read this helpful guide.

To log into Parent pay, please use this link.


When Academy trips and visits are to take place parents will receive appropriate information concerning meals prior to the visit or trip taking place.