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Stars of the Future launch Hall of Fame
Wed, 25 Feb 2015
Talented sporting students helped launch the Sandwell Academy Hall of Fame this morning in the Academy’s purpose built PE block. The students, who have all represented the Home nations at international level, reflect the Academy’s strong Sports specialism and the diversity of activities Academy students are involved in.
England Rugby Star coaches Talented Academy Students
Mon, 26 Jan 2015
Heather Fisher, part of England’s World Cup winning women’s rugby team, spent an energetic morning at Sandwell Academy sharing her story and training gifted and talented sports students.

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Star Student



Session 3


Grease Rehearsal
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Performing Arts Staff
ICT [Invite Only]
Year: 9 10 KS5
Staff: ICT Staff
Applied Business
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
Applied Science
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
Science Revision
Year: 9 10
Staff: Science Staff
Year: KS3
Staff: CW
BTEC Sport Catch-Up
Year: KS5
Staff: PE Staff
Year: 9 10
Staff: Spanish Staff
BTEC Business
Year: 9 10
Staff: Business Staff
Cooking Club
Year: KS3
Staff: HJD
Language Leaders
Year: 8
Staff: MBB
Year: KS3
Staff: RMS JOE
Capture the Flag
Year: KS3
Staff: SJW
English SATS Booster [Invite Only]
Year: 8
Staff: English Staff
Computer Science
Year: 9 10
Staff: ZKK
B Team Football
Year: KS4
Staff: EH ARH
BTEC Sport Catch-Up
Year: 9 10
Staff: SLD LEM


Grease Rehearsal
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: Performing Arts Staff
ICT [Invite Only]
Year: 9 10 KS5
Staff: ICT Staff
Applied Business
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
Applied Science
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
Year: 9 10 KS5
Staff: Art Staff
Year: KS3
Staff: SCL SSW
Science Revision
Year: 9 10
Staff: Science Staff
Year: KS5
Staff: JCG
Year: KS5
Staff: SES
Year: KS4 KS5
Staff: CW
Year: 9 10 KS5
Staff: Spanish Staff
Intervention Mathematics
Year: 10
Staff: PVD
BTEC Business
Year: 9 10
Staff: Business Staff
Textiles Club
Year: 7 8 9 10 11 6.1 6.2
Staff: KM HJD
Year: KS5
Year: KS5
Staff: FFP HHC
Computer Science
Year: 9 10
Staff: IXC
Indoor Athletics
Year: KS3 KS4
Staff: CLF SJW
Public Speaking
Year: KS3
Staff: FVM MTS
ICT [Invite Only]
Year: 8
Staff: ICT Staff
Science Club
Year: KS3
Staff: HHC FKW
Science Intervention
Year: KS3
Staff: Science Staff
B Team Football
Year: KS3
Staff: RMS SF
Football Team
Year: 7
Staff: DJB SST

Sports Fixtures


Sixth Form A Team vs Moreton (AoC League)
3:30pm to 5:30pm
Year: Year 12/13
Staff: DJB/AJT
Transport: Coach
Sixth Form B Team vs Windsor College
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Year: Year 12/13
Staff: JOE/LJM
Transport: Coach


U16 Futsal Tournament @ Birmingham Futsal Centre
3:00pm to 6:30pm
Year: Year 10/11
Staff: SJW/AAG
Transport: Students to arrange own transport home
U16 Netball Tournament @ George Salter
3:00pm to 5:45pm
Year: Year 11
Staff: SCL
Transport: Late coach
Tipton Indoor Athletics @ Tipton Academy
3:30pm to 5:30pm
Year: Year 7, 8 and 9
Staff: CLF
Transport: Late coach

Recent Results

Year 9 Football A Team vs Grace Academy (West Mids Cup Semi Final) (AWAY)
6-3 Win
Sixth Form A Team vs Codsall High (AOC League) (HOME)
3-1 Win
Year 8 Football A Team vs Streetly Academy (West Mids Cup 1/4 Final) (HOME)
6-1 win
Year 7 Netball vs Perryfields (AWAY)
1-0 win
Tipton Indoor Atheltics League (Boys and Girls)
Year 7 Boys & Girls 1st, Year 8 Boys and Girls 1st, Year 9 Boys 3rd, Year 9 Girls 2nd
Year 7 Girls Netball vs Ormiston Forge (A)
7-1 Won, 4-0 Won
Year 11 Boys vs Woodlands High (West Midlands Cup Semi Final)
4-1 Win
Year 7 Boys A Team vs TTS (ESFA Cup R6)
3-1 Win
U13 Girls Basketball vs St Bedes (National Cup) (A)
42-22 Win
U14 Boys Basketball vs Phoenix Collegiate (A)
36-14 loss
Year 10 Boys vs Thomas Telford School (ESFA Cup Round 6)
5-4 loss
U14/U16 Netball vs Ormiston Forge Academy
U16 15-0
Year 9 Boys vs St Peters (ESFA Cup Round 6)
4-2 Win
Year 10 Boys vs Smiths Wood (West Mids Cup)
6-1 win
Year 7 Boys B Team vs Bishop Challoner (ESFA CUP R4)
Lost 1-4

Severe Weather Procedure

Details of Sandwell Academy’s Severe Weather Procedure are now available to download. In the case of severe weather, please refer to our website and twitter feed for up-to-date information. Unless noted, please assume that the Academy is open.
Read Procedure Here
  • Anna Harding

    “For a great improvement in Spanish! Well done and keep it up!”

    - Miss Johnson

  • Nikki Tomlinson

    “Nikki Tomlinson is PT Star Student this week for achieving and A grade in ICT. Well done!”

    - Miss Clark

  • Jake Lawley

    “Jake has been working extremely hard in Business this week to complete his work for moderation. Well done Jake. ”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Mohammed Umar

    “For becoming Head Boy! Well done”

    - Mr Easton

  • Connor Harper

    “Well done for a really positive 2 weeks in BTEC Sport. Excellent attitude and work ethic. ”

    - Miss Nield

  • Nyal Genard

    “For offering to lead this week's citizenship session with the PT group. Well done Nyal!”

    - Mrs Ruston

  • Rachel Harper

    “Rachel deserves great praise for her consistent efforts throughout Academy life!”

    - Mr O'Shea

  • Kendal O'connor

    “Well done for a good effort in Science. Keep up working hard!”

    - Miss Morris

  • Bethany Weston

    “Well done Beth for catching up and working so hard in all your subjects. You are a fantastic example for all the young members of the PT group. ”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Aiden Barratt

    “Well done Aiden for securing yourself a part-time job! ”

    - Miss Farrell

  • Alisia Jones

    “For dedicating her time outside of school to charity raising £110.86. An excellent example, well done!”

    - Mr Smith

  • Francesca Hall

    “Well done for making a huge improvement in Geography! ”

    - Mr Bird

  • Jordan Chumber

    “Improvements across sessions gaining positives from staff.”

    - Mr Leighton

  • Chloe Cavey

    “Excellent work in Product Design on the 'Stools' project, you have displayed an excellent attitude and continued to work exceptionally hard around the Academy in all lessons. (LEM)”

    - Miss Millard

  • Sam Nock

    “Consistent hard work and effort in all subjects. ”

    - Miss Chapman

  • James Griffiths

    “James has had a really good week, gaining positives in English, Maths and Science. James also scored in the West Midlands cup semi final to help the lads win 6-3. Well done!”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Megan Carswell

    “Megan has done very well in Art Award this week creating a group project. Megan will be in the newspaper next week, celebrating her excellent work. Well done Megan!”

    - Miss Robbins

  • Hardeep Johal

    “Well done for achieving a level 6b in your Science test. ”

    - Mrs Najran

  • Akasha Hussain

    “Well done for producing some wonderful creative writing in English and having some brilliant lessons in Science this week.”

    - Mr Singh

  • Iycadel Grant

    “This has been a great week for Iycadel! She has received five positive e-portals for her excellent effort. Well done!”

    - Miss Tanner

  • Billie Reynolds And Joshua Worton

    “Both have had fantastic week and big improvement from last term. Continue with the great work ethics. ”

    - Miss Dhanda

  • Kai Banks

    “For have a good week following his parent meeting and receiving 3 positive eportals”

    - Mr Chesterman

  • Matthew Woodcock And Brittany Hartland

    “These two are star students this week for their excellent results. Matthew got an A* in PE theory and Brittany got an A in Business. Well done!”

    - Miss Martin

  • Reiss Banks

    “Well done for a great week picking up positives in English and Science. Keep this up! ”

    - Mr Mosedale

  • Jakob Burroughs

    “Very helpful during P.T also won semi final of the West Midland cup.”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Jobe Creswell

    “For helping to diffuse a situation between a sixth former and another student.”

    - Mrs Pedley

  • Jephthah Machipisa

    “Fantastic improvement in behavior!”

    - Mrs Humphries

  • Chloe Phillips

    “Persistent effort in Spanish! Well done.”

    - Mr Camwell

  • Kyle Wilson-Hunt

    “For an absolutely fantastic week in which he earned 4 positives, well done!!”

    - Mrs Cashmore

  • Sumanpreet Kaur

    “Well done for achieving a Grade B in the Music controlled assessment. ”

    - Mrs Hussain

  • Rachel Howells

    “Well done for passing your theory test Rachel. ”

    - Miss Lees

  • Alex Bissell

    “Alex has had a brilliant week with lots of ePortals from across his subjects.”

    - Mr Mackenzie

  • Harman Rooprai

    “Harman must be commended for producing to quality standard during his English lessons.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • James Hale

    “For excellent work in English, well done and keep it up!”

    - Mrs Millington

  • Shazeda Akhtar

    “Another excellent week by Shazeda, working well in her subjects and picking up positives around the Academy. Well done!”

    - Mr Jones

  • Ethan Probert

    “Fantastic week in lessons with four positives from teachers - keep it up!”

    - Miss Timms

  • Chloe Brookes

    “Well done for being chosen for Star Student! I think that cutting your hair and donating it to the Prince's Trust is a wonderful thing to have done! I'm very proud of you!”

    - Miss Breitmeyer

  • Harvey Cartwright, Morgan Rogers

    “Well done for Representing the Academy well during a football tournament!”

    - Mrs Sharif

  • Kianna Blackwood

    “Kianna has made a big improvement in her attitude and school work after the Half Term. Many positives given out this week. WELL DONE!”

    - Miss Ho

  • Callum Perry

    “For all his positives in a number of subjects this week. Well done!”

    - Dr Williams

  • Faiza Haque

    “Congratulations on becoming Head girl for KS4.”

    - Mr Grocutt

  • Remell Robinson-Bailey

    “A fantastic week Remell - so very pleased with the effort you have put in. ”

    - Miss Watkins

  • Alisha Parchment, Sophie Vale, Amy S And Lauren H

    “For excellent work over the course of the week.”

    - Dr Green

  • Muhammad Ali

    “Muhammad completed an English mock in his lesson and was outstanding in his performance. Keep it up.”

    - Mrs Morris-Ashman

  • Harvinder Sarai & Megan-Louise Percival-Montroy

    “Consistent hard work and effort in lesson that has been rewarded by the Head. Well done!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Asa Price

    “Asa's last day at Sandwell Academy. He has work brilliantly throughout his time at the institute. I'm proud to be his PT and I hope the best for his education and future!”

    - Mr Chaudhry

  • Joseph Houlston

    “This week's Star Student is Joseph Houlston who has been working incredibly hard in his subjects and has been an excellent role module to the other year 7 students in the PT! Well done Joe!”

    - Mr Mahey

  • Mackenzie Gould

    “This weeks star student in Mackenzie for the brilliant progress that he has made in his Spanish classes. Well done Mackenzie!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Amina Islam

    “Excellent planning and preparation for your Spanish speaking test. ”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Ethan Hackwood

    “Superb Punctuality - well done Ethan!!”

    - Mr Topper

  • Charlie Hale

    “Charlie continued to be positive last week when he didn't feel like giving 100%. He is a trooper! Well done!”

    - Miss Hewitt

  • Joshua Woodall

    “Great effort and attitude in English this week.”

    - Mr Turner

  • Jawad Nazir

    “Jawad has made a fantastic website to use in his Business Enterprise competition. Good Luck!!”

    - Miss Coles

  • Jake Garrison

    “Excellent attitude and lot of positive e-portals. Well done. ”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Jamie Emery

    “Jamie is a hard working student who always does well at school and picks up lots of positive e-portals. He manages his school load with his WBA FC commitments very well and for this reason he is DJB PT star student. Well done Jamie!”

    - Mr Bridgwater





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