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Bursary Award for talented Academy student
Wed, 16 Sep 2015
Following outstanding A Level exam success and securing a place at Cambridge University to study medicine, Sandwell Academy student Anoop Sumal was again celebrating when he found out he is to be the recipient of an annual bursary from awarding body OCR.
Sandwell Academy Students Excel Again!
Thu, 20 Aug 2015
Sandwell Academy students once again achieved a fantastic set of GCSE outcomes this Summer with some outstanding successes across a range of subjects.

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Recent Results

Girls u14 ESFA National Cup V Madeley Academy
WIN 1-0
Boys Football U14 A Team V Shrewsbury School
Win 3-2
Boys Football U15 A Team V Shrewsbury School
Lost 3-0
u14 Boys B Team Football v Myton School
Lost 4-1
u13 Boys B Team Football v Madeley Academy
Won 5-1
Year 8 Boys ESFA National Cup v Bishop Challoner
Year 10 Cricket Team vs John Taylor High (Staffs Cup)
Lost by 9 Wickets
Sixth Form Cricket vs Halesowen College (AoC League) (A)
Sixth Form Boys B Team vs UC Birmingham (H) (AoC League)
3-2 win
Year 11 Boys vs Hagley Catholic College (West Midlands Cup Final)
3-1 Win
Athletics Senior Championships @ Tipton Sports Academy
Sandwell Academy overall winners
Year A Team vs Bristnall Hall (A) Sandwell Cup 1/4 Final
9-1 win
Year 9 Boys vs Wood Green (AWAY) Sandwell Cup
3-1 Win
Year 8 Boys Football vs TTS (HOME) (West MIdlands Cup SEMI-FINAL)
8-2 win
Year 10 Boys Football vs Grace Academy (West Midlands Semi-Final) AWAY
6-1 win
  • Jagdeesh (Jess) Kaur

    “Jess is PT Star Student this week for her hard work and positive contributions to lessons. Well done!”

    - Miss Clark

  • Anil Banga

    “Excellent positive comments on eportal and very helpful to the Year 7 students in PT. ”

    - Miss H Dutfield

  • Tamara Mpofu-Manyanda

    “An amazing week for Tamara! She has received seven instances of praise including excellent classwork, effort, attitude and conduct.”

    - Mr O'Shea

  • Momina Nawabzadi

    “Passed her UKCAT university test. Well done!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Abdirahman Mohamed

    “Well done Abdi for getting 6 positive eportals this week.”

    - Miss Farrell

  • Alisha Verma

    “Alisha has had a fantastic start to this academic year and has received a brilliant 13 positive comments over the past 4 weeks! Well done Alisha and keep it up!”

    - Miss Roper

  • Fatima Naureen

    “Congratulations on a continued excellent start to the year. Well done!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Beth Fray-Andrew, Jaykaran Singh, Orion Martin

    “This week's Star Students are Beth, Jaykaran and Orion for taking part in the Spanish Vocab Express and achieving excellent results. Great job!”

    - Mrs Kaban

  • Prabhjot Rai

    “Excellent integration into PT and school.”

    - Mr Leighton

  • Lewis Woodward

    “Great work being produced this week. Keep up the hard work. ”

    - Miss Hubble

  • Kelly Powell

    “Well done for a fantastic positive start to Year 7!! Keep up the great work!”

    - Mrs Bailey

  • Natalia Bartczak

    “Has been nominated by Miss Lowe for her fantastic work in Health & Social Care. Well done Natalia, keep up the great work. ”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Heidi Logan

    “Great discussions in Spanish - contributing positively to the class. ”

    - Mrs Pedley

  • India Dugal

    “India has achieved a number of positive eportal comments this week and is always one of the first to class, ready and waiting with her equipment.”

    - Mr Sturley

  • Hannah Ockford

    “Well done for achieving 100% in your Mathematics test. ”

    - Mrs Najran

  • Brodie VINCZE

    “Brodie deserves the title of PT Star Student this week as she has made a conscious effort to work for a number positives WE 2/10/15 in which she has gained 7 after turning things around after a bad week. ”

    - Mr Price

  • Paige Armour

    “For making a continued fantastic effort to set a good example to other members of the PT.”

    - Dr Williams

  • Amelia Bridge

    “Amelia showed great enthusiasm for Vocab Express in Spanish and worked hard to gain points. Muy Bien!”

    - Mr Singh

  • Kareena Patel

    “Well done for achieving 100% attendance last academic year. ”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Ishreet Kaur

    “For making a fantastic start to the year, receiving many positives and having a great attitude. Well done!”

    - Mr Smith

  • Sairah Miah

    “For helping out at her local youth centre and teaching other people how to bake.”

    - Mr Chesterman

  • Shenell Lewinson And Faiza Haque

    “For all your hard work and contribution to the prom committee. Well done. ”

    - Mrs Kauser

  • Matthew Woodcock And Charlotte Macintosh

    “Fantastic results - getting an A in their Physics test. Well done!”

    - Miss Martin

  • Hafsah Ali

    “Doing really well in Spanish and contributing to the school competition.”

    - Miss Varccianna

  • Liam Osmani

    “Liam, well done not only this week but also for the last three weeks. You have been working really hard and doing very well in all your subjects. You are an inspiration to the younger members of our PT. Well done and keep up the hard work!”

    - Miss Bulto

  • David Boi

    “For having his monologue published in an English competition and for receiving the part of Simba in the school production of 'The Lion King'.”

    - Miss O'grady

  • Muhammad Ali

    “Well done on a brilliant start of 6.1. This week you have done a great job of successfully meeting the requirements of the Literature Assessment Objectives in an impressive piece of work. Keep it up.”

    - Mrs Morris-Ashman

  • Filimon Asfha

    “Filimon has had an excellent few weeks. Working hard and receiving lots of praise from his teachers. Keep up the positive attitude and hard work :) ”

    - Miss Ellitts

  • Joshua

    “For being kind and courteous to all members of the PT (including staff).”

    - Miss Turley

  • Jay Pharhani

    “For a fantastic first module!”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Ryan Cooke

    “Well done on getting the part of Simba in the school production play.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Ellie Hartley

    “Well done for superb progress in Science and for being nominated for the hardest worker in the Key Stage. Keep it up!”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Taran Singh

    “Well done Taran for turning things around in Science...keep it up!”

    - Miss S Ravenscroft

  • Millie Campion

    “Achieving second place overall in her gymnastics competition outside of school. Fantastic stuff!!!”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Bradley Burton

    “Bradley has been trying hard in his football, and in catching up on missed school work. ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Sophie-Marie Merrix

    “For receiving six positives in one week and excelling within her recent Geography assessment. Well done Sophie-Marie.”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Megan Rhodes

    “Well done to Megan for spending part of her summer holiday volunteering for a local charity.”

    - Dr Green

  • Bethany Taylor

    “Working consistently hard.”

    - Mrs Jawanda

  • Stephanie Owusu

    “4 positives this week!”

    - Mr M Parker

  • Joshua Tandy

    “Excellent effort towards school since starting the past month.”

    - Miss Smith

  • Paris Curling

    “For making a positive start to her Year 11 studies.”

    - Mr Pain

  • Sanjana Dwivedi

    “Sanjana has been working hard to ensure she meets her career goals with her University application. Keep up the good work!”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Millie Turner

    “For a great week full of positives!”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Mohammed Bilal

    “For receiving two positive eportals this week and his excellent work in Business. ”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Abigail Arblaster

    “Abigail has had a fantastic week, achieving 6 positive eportals! An impressive feat. Well done! :)”

    - Mr Paul

  • Rebecca Burrows

    “Well done for some great work in each of your subjects this week Rebecca! ”

    - Mr Mosedale

  • Chloe Cavey

    “Well done for excellent progress in Design Technology, you are working exceptionally hard and it is great to hear you are on target to achieve an A* grade. Well done!”

    - Miss Millard

  • Cassandra Buchanan

    “Very helpful member of the PT! ”

    - Miss Gatrad

  • Nicholas Clayton Phillips

    “Outstanding performance playing football for the sixth form.”

    - Mr Topper

  • Razwan Iqbal

    “A great start to Year 13 with positive comments from staff and great focus shown towards this year. Well done Razwan!”

    - Mrs Ruston

  • Billie Jo

    “Another fantastic week for Billie she achieved 5 positive e portals. Well done. ”

    - Mrs Bhandal

  • Skye Campbell

    “Skye must be commended for her excellent work effort in Spanish.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Ethan Bishop

    “Fantastic work in lessons. Keep it up. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Morgan Brunt

    “Morgan has had a fantastic start to the year and has been complimented on her enthusiastic approach in all subjects. Keep it up, Morgan! ”

    - Miss Robbins

  • Rupinder Kaur

    “Fantastic number of positives in One week!!”

    - Miss Reynolds

  • Rajut Clair

    “Achievements in sport”

    - Miss Dubb

  • Sian Turbutt

    “Making our new student who has moved from Ireland very welcome to The School”

    - Mr Carpenter

  • Priya Gaddu

    “Priya has returned to school after an operation and has tried really hard. LLH is proud of your effort!”

    - Miss Hewitt





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