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Julie Walters Pays SA Surprise Visit
Thu, 18 Dec 2014
Smethwick born actress Julie Walters paid a surprise visit to Sandwell Academy to meet staff and students who are members of the Walters House team which was named after her.
Year 11 students excel in scientific investigations
Tue, 16 Dec 2014
3 Year 11 students have received their Silver CREST Award last month after completing investigations and presenting their findings to scientific questions.

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Star Student



Session 3


Grease Rehearsals
Year: KS3 KS4 KS5
Staff: Peforming Arts Staff
Year: KS3 KS4 KS5
Staff: LKM
Year: Year 8
Staff: JCG
Girls Football
Year: KS3 KS4
Year: KS3 KS4
Staff: SJW
Year: KS3
Staff: CLF SW EA
Year: KS3 KS4
English CA catch up [invite only]
Year: KS4
Staff: LJC FVM
Bouldering (prearranged only)
Year: KS4
Staff: EHH
HSC [Invite Only]
Year: KS4 KS5
Staff: FKW JET
Sixth Form Football
Year: KS5
Staff: DJB AJT
Science intervention [Invite only]
Year: KS4
Staff: DAC
Product Design Controlled Assessment
Year: KS4
Staff: DT Staff
Applied Science
Year: KS5
Staff: Science Staff
Year: KS4
Staff: Hospitality and Catering Staff
Duke of Edinburgh
Year: KS4
Staff: MTS
BTEC Unit 1 [Invite Only]
Year: Year 11
Staff: SSW
Geography Unit 3 catch up
Year: KS5
Staff: ARH
Applied Business
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
A Level Maths
Year: KS5
Staff: RRJ
A Level Biology
Year: KS5
Staff: Biology Staff
BTEC Sport Catch Up
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: FFP
Year: KS5
Staff: KKN
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: ICT Staff
Product Design
Year: KS5
Staff: DT Staff


Grease Rehearsals
Year: KS3 KS4 KS5
Staff: Peforming Arts Staff
Sixth Form Football
Year: KS5
Staff: DJB AJT
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: ICT Staff
A Level Maths
Year: KS5
Staff: RRJ
A Level Biology
Year: KS5
Staff: Biology Staff
Applied Business
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
ICT [Invite Only]
Year: 8 9 10
Staff: ICT STaff
Year: KS4
Staff: MFL Staff
Sandwell Academy Newspaper
Year: KS3 KS4 KS5
Staff: ML English Staff
Arts Award [Invite Only]
Year: KS3
Staff: KMM
Art and Design
Year: KS4 KS5
Staff: CBN ALM
Leisure and Tourism
Year: Year 11
Staff: PSS
Year: KS4
Staff: Business Staff
Language Leaders
Year: Year 8
Staff: MMB
Applied Science
Year: KS4
Year: KS4
Staff: CW
Year: KS3 KS4
Year: KS4
Staff: JLT
Homework Club
Year: KS3
Staff: VB MF
GCSE Music [Invite Only]
Year: Year 11
Staff: GJR
A Team Boys Football
Year: 8 9
Staff: AJT LJM
Geography Revision A Level
Year: KS5
Staff: SES
HSC [Invite Only]
Year: KS5
Staff: FKW
RE Resit
Year: 6.1
Staff: TKV AAR
Year: KS5
Staff: CLF
Sports Leaders
Year: KS5
Staff: SJW

Sports Fixtures


Year 7 Boys A Team vs TTS (ESFA Cup R6)
4:30pm to 5:45pm
Year: Year 7
Staff: DJB/SST
Transport: Late Coach
U13 Girls Basketball vs St Bedes (National Cup) (A)
3:15pm to 5:30pm
Year: Year 7/8
Staff: JOE
Transport: Late coach
U14 Boys Basketball vs Phoenix Collegiate (A)
4:00pm to 5:30pm
Year: Year 8/9
Staff: RMS
Transport: Late Coach


Year 11 Boys vs Woodlands High (West Midlands Cup Semi Final)
4:00pm to 5:45pm
Year: Year 11
Staff: SJW
Transport: Late coach

Recent Results

Year 10 Boys vs Thomas Telford School (ESFA Cup Round 6)
5-4 loss
U14/U16 Netball vs Ormiston Forge Academy
U16 15-0
Year 9 Boys vs St Peters (ESFA Cup Round 6)
4-2 Win
Year 10 Boys vs Smiths Wood (West Mids Cup)
6-1 win
Year 7 Boys B Team vs Bishop Challoner (ESFA CUP R4)
Lost 1-4
Sixth Form B Team vs Dyson Perrins Academy
15-0 Loss
Year 7 Boys A Team vs De Ferrers Academy (ESFA Cup)
6-1 win
U15 Girls Football vs West Bridge School (ESFA Cup)
2-0 loss
U14 Girls Basektball vs George Salter Academy
70-10 loss
Sixth form boys basketball vs Newcastle-Under-Lyme College
63-62 win
Sixth Form A Team vs RSA Academy
5-0 win
Sixth Form B Team vs Aston Manor Academy
3-2 Loss
Year 9 Boys vs New Academy (ESFA Cup)
7-3 win
Year 10 Boys vs John Cleveland College (ESFA Cup)
4-3 win
U14 Girls Football vs Bishop Challoner (West Mids Cup)
2-3 Loss

Severe Weather Procedure

Details of Sandwell Academy’s Severe Weather Procedure are now available to download. In the case of severe weather, please refer to our website and twitter feed for up-to-date information. Unless noted, please assume that the Academy is open.
Read Procedure Here

Mock Examinations

18 November 2014

Dear Parents / Carers

Re: Internal Examinations

To allow students to reach their full potential in their academic studies, it is very important that students are prepared fully for external examinations. Preparation includes practise at completing mock examinations in formal examination conditions. Mock weeks and end of year examinations will take place for all students in this academic year. We are notifying you of the dates at this point so that students can prepare fully and to ensure support can be offered at home around examination periods.

The dates of the mock examinations and end of year exams are:

Year 7 exams – Week beginning 27 April and 4 May 2015 (2 weeks)

Year 8 SATs and exams – Week beginning 27 April and 4 May 2015 (2 weeks)

Year 9 exams – Week beginning 20 April 2015 (1 week)

Year 10 exams – Week beginning 20 April 2015 (1 week)

Year 11 mock exams – Week beginning 5 January and 12 January 2015 (2 weeks)

Year 12 mock exams – Week beginning 15 December 2014 (1 week)

Year 13 mock exams – Week beginning 5 January and 12 January 2015 (2 weeks)

Support that can be important at home includes:

  • Ensure your child has a suitable place to study at home without distractions from social media
  • Ensure your child has prepared a well thought out revision timetable and keeps to it
  • Ensure your child has appropriate access to revision guides (available from libraries) and/or the on-line curriculum
  • Ensure that around the examination periods your child gets enough sleep

Yours sincerely
Dr G Smith
Deputy Head

Mock Exam TimeTable Here
  • Simran Kaur

    “For a great improvement this week. Well done! ”

    - Miss Johnson

  • Tahmida Begum

    “Tahmida is PT Star Student this week for her positive attitude and hard work. Keep it up!”

    - Miss Clark

  • Bethany Eaton

    “For showing an improved attitude to learning, attending Session 3s to improve her work. ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Nyal Genard

    “For achieving nine positives so far this term. Well done Nyal!”

    - Mrs Ruston

  • Liam Osmani

    “For a fantastic effort in all your lessons. Liam, you are doing so well and are showing how committed you are to getting things right. Well done! Keep up the hard work!”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Jaskaran Mandair

    “Excellent work in Art and English”

    - Mrs Bolton

  • Tamara Mpofu-Manyanda And Dylan Dhinsa

    “Well done to Tamara and Dylan for representing Astle House in the House Charity Assembly!”

    - Mr O'Shea

  • Ryan Cooke

    “Has worked extremely hard since taken up Computing Science and has demonstrated excellent team building skills in order to achieve the best team score. Well done on your contribution to the team.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Dante Barnett

    “Great week at the Academy, achieving 3 positive ePortals. Keep it up.”

    - Mr Grocutt

  • Balkrishan Parekh

    “For some great work outside of school with children's charities. ”

    - Miss Nield

  • Laura Cheney

    “For her fantastic efforts in Drama and Science this week. Well done Laura :)”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Randip Singh

    “Well done for passing your driving test! You are a brilliant positive role model everyday in PT for your younger peers.”

    - Miss Morris

  • Christian Ofosuhene

    “Excellent effort and class work. Christian has achieved 4 positive eportals. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Lauren Culwick

    “For doing really well in her mock exams, and achieving a C in her psychology mock. Well done!”

    - Mrs Cashmore

  • Thomas Rushton And Jess Finney

    “Fantastic effort this week! 3 positives each!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Rebekah Day

    “Rebekah has worked hard this week catching up with all work she had missed. Well done. ”

    - Miss Hubble

  • James Griffiths

    “James has shown a real act of kindness towards Miss Ravenscroft in English. Well done!”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Callum Blackwood

    “For a caring and positive attitude in English. ”

    - Miss Chapman

  • Abigail Phillips

    “Abigail has been selected to go and play an international tournament in Sweden with her football team. This is fantastic!!”

    - Miss Lees

  • Luke Bevin

    “Well done on a great Maths mock exam result and for completing Business coursework early.”

    - Mr Turner

  • Ryan Machona

    “A fantastic week Ryan ! Excellent work in English - a pleasure to teach ! ”

    - Miss Watkins

  • Ajay Dhap

    “Excellent effort in Business. Well done.”

    - Mr Camwell

  • Alexandra Spencer

    “Well done for catching up on your work. ”

    - Mr Bird

  • Katarzyna Logowska And Sumanpreet Kaur

    “Well done to both for achieving above their target grades in recent mock exams.”

    - Mrs Hussain

  • Stephanie Blake

    “Well done for your hard work in RE and ICT this week Stephanie! Keep up the good work! ”

    - Miss Breitmeyer

  • Gerome Williams

    “For scoring 14 points in a basketball game for WBA”

    - Mr Chesterman

  • Mohammed Eshan Khan

    “Mohammed is our PT Star Student this week for his fantastic eportals from subject teachers this week. Keep up the good work!”

    - Miss Martin

  • Daniel Shah

    “For his positive contribution in assembly - Well Done”

    - Mrs Sharif

  • Hannah Ockford

    “Well done for achieving a level 6a in your Drama and Music assessment.”

    - Mrs Najran

  • Hayden Turner

    “For meeting deadlines and being helpful in PT. ”

    - Miss Denis

  • Mya Sanghera

    “Consistently good level of focus in KS4 studies.”

    - Mrs Humphries

  • Bradley Shaw

    “For getting an A in his Math's mock. Well done!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Helen Ley

    “Helen has been working hard in class and has been doing lots of revision in her own time and come out with some really impressive mock exam results. Well done Helen!”

    - Mr Bridgwater

  • Finley Mascall

    “Finley had the highest grades in his year group in his Chemistry and Physics mock assessments and was 4th in the year in his Biology assessment. This is a superb achievement. ”

    - Miss Coles

  • Adam Przybek

    “Adam is able to keep on top of school work while playing for wales football team. Great work Adam!”

    - Miss Ho

  • Rehan Wasim

    “Well done Rehan for picking up 2 positive this week and showing great attitude in Spanish! Keep it up! ”

    - Mr Mosedale

  • Dylan Langford And Zaki Bavington

    “Dylan for his participation in a sports competition and Zaki for his performance in assembly this week. Well done both.”

    - Dr Williams

  • Brandon Powell

    “Well done on your excellent Science coursework grade. Keep up the hard work.”

    - Dr Green

  • Lauren Higgs

    “Four positive e-portal this week a fantastic achievement, well done”

    - Miss Timms

  • Chaytan Koner And Jessica Haxhiaj

    “This week's Star Students are Chaytan Koner and Jessica Haxhiaj who bravely presented an assembly to the rest of their peers about a local charity called the Black Country Food Bank. They performed so well and have really impressed me with their presentations skills! Well done both on being excellent PT role models!”

    - Mr Mahey

  • Nejournie Mcpherson

    “Excellent attitude and confidence in English delivering a speech to the entire class. Well Done.”

    - Mr Khan

  • Morgan Grant

    “Well done, Morgan for an excellent performance in Basketball!”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Mujtaba MAHMOOD

    “Excellent work throughout Maths in achieving a higher result than thought. Really happy - keep up the good work and always remain positive throughout the term!”

    - Mr Chaudhry

  • Jade Steventon

    “This weeks star student is Jade for the fantastic effort that she has made across her subjects. Well done Jade!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Savannah Collins

    “Well done to Savannah for always being our little star! We're always proud of you!”

    - Miss Farrell

  • Harry Small

    “Really positive comments from teachers all week. A great effort!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Aneel Sidhu

    “Still 0 negatives so far. Keep up the positive year. Well Done!”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Morgan Brunt

    “Yet another great week with two positive ePortal comments and no negatives all year. Well done!”

    - Mr Mackenzie

  • Caitlin Perkins

    “Caitlin continues to set extremely high standards in all she does, and her work ethic is fantastic. A model student!”

    - Mr Jones