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Academy student shines at European Cyber Security Challenge
Thu, 05 Nov 2015
Year 11 student James Nock has just returned from Switzerland where he was part of the UK Junior team at the very first European Cyber Security Challenge.
Bursary Award for talented Academy student
Wed, 16 Sep 2015
Following outstanding A Level exam success and securing a place at Cambridge University to study medicine, Sandwell Academy student Anoop Sumal was again celebrating when he found out he is to be the recipient of an annual bursary from awarding body OCR.

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Star Student



Session 3


Newspaper Club
Year: All Years
Staff: ML GEE
Homework Club
Year: KS3
Staff: VB MF
Vocal Group
Year: All Years
Staff: AMD
Year: KS3
Staff: CW TG
Year: 7 8 9 10
A Team Football
Year: 7 11
Leisure and Tourism
Year: 10 11
Staff: LEW
CREST Award [Invite Only]
Year: KS4
Staff: JLC
Spanish Coursework
Year: KS4
Staff: MFL Staff
Health and Social Care [Invite Only]
Year: KS4 KS5
Staff: HSC Staff
Year: KS4
Staff: English Staff
Year: KS4
Staff: CA
G & T Core Science Revision [Invite Only]
Year: 10
Staff: Science Staff
Applied Business Studies
Year: KS5
Staff: Business Staff
A Level Biology
Year: KS5
Staff: Biology Staff
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: ICT Staff
Applied Science
Year: KS5
Staff: Science Staff
Year: KS5
Staff: JCG
English Resit
Year: KS5
Staff: English Staff
Year: KS5
Staff: CA
Boys Football
Year: KS5
Staff: LJM TAT
Art and Design
Year: KS5
Staff: KKB
Year: KS5
Staff: ARA


The Lion King
Year: All Years
Staff: AMD LJH
Arts Award
Year: KS3
Staff: JED
Design Technology
Year: KS3
Staff: PRP
Army Cadets
Year: 8 9 10
Staff: JCG
Body Conditioning
Year: KS3 KS4
Staff: CW TT
B Team Football
Year: KS3 KS4
Year: KS3
Staff: SJW
Maths Problem Solving Club
Year: 7 8 9
Staff: KAS
MFL Language Leaders
Year: KS3 KS4
Staff: MBB
BTEC Business
Year: KS4
Staff: Business Staff
Year: KS4
Staff: EEK
Spanish Coursework
Year: KS4
Staff: MFL Staff
English [Invite Only]
Year: KS4
Staff: CMA
GCSE Drama
Year: 11
Staff: AMD DPP
Music Intervention
Year: KS4
Staff: GJR
BTEC Unit 1 Exam Re-Sit
Year: 11
Staff: LEM
D of E [Invite Only]
Year: KS4 KS5
Staff: MTS
MyMaths Club
Year: KS4
Staff: Maths Staff
Year: KS4
Science Intervention [Invite Only]
Year: KS4
Staff: JLC
Humanities [Invite Only]
Year: KS4
Staff: SES
Performing Arts [Invite Only]
Year: KS4
Staff: AMD LJH
ICT [Invite Only]
Year: 6.1 6.2
Staff: ICT Staff
Applied Science
Year: All Years
Staff: Science Staff
Health and Social Care [Invite Only]
Year: KS5
Staff: HSC Staff

Sports Fixtures


U14/U16 Girls Netball v Holly Lodge (A)
3:30pm to 5:40pm
Staff: FFP


Sixth Form Netball v Bournville (A)
12:30pm to 3:00pm
Year: Year 12/13
Staff: FFP
Sixth Form Boys Basketball Team v Cirencester College Mens (H)
Year: Year 12/13
Staff: CA/CLF
U18 Boys Football A Team v Grace Academy Coventry Mens 1 (H)
Year: Year 12/13
Staff: SST/LJM
Year 7 Boys Football v Langley School, Solihull, National Cup Round 4 (A)
12:30pm to 5:40pm
Year: Year 7
Staff: CLF/TG
U14 Boys Football, ESFA National Cup (H)
Staff: LJM
  • Gurminder Chauhan

    “For turning things around and putting in much more effort. Keep it up :) ”

    - Miss Ellitts

  • Jessica Maybury

    “Jess is PT Star Student this week for her amazing art work.”

    - Miss Clark

  • Alexander Killworth

    “Well done Alex for another great week. You are a fantastic asset to PT, helping out the younger students.”

    - Miss S Ravenscroft

  • Thea Clearkin

    “Thea did really well in football this week and was named 'woman of the match'. Well done!”

    - Miss Hewitt

  • Kade Craig And Curtis Shaw

    “Kade was selected to work with visiting athlete Leon Baptiste while Curtis has been chosen to attend a philosophy day in London.”

    - Mr Sturley

  • Holly Daniels

    “Really good work in lessons and multiple positive referrals from other teachers.”

    - Mr D Parker

  • Camone-Bleu Gordon

    “Camone has been awarded Star Student due to her positive and helpful attitude in Design Technology.”

    - Mr O'Shea

  • Puja Kumari

    “Puja is Star Student this week for her fantastic work towards coursework and in lessons. Well done!”

    - Miss Martin

  • Rajan Patel

    “Rajan has continued to work extremely hard across all subjects including History, Art and Spanish. Well done Rajan!”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Maya Sanghera

    “Very positive week - a positive ePortal a day for great focus and efforts in lessons. Well done Maya! ”

    - Miss H Dutfield

  • Sam Nock

    “Well done on receiving the 'Outstanding Academic Award' at the Achievement Evening. ”

    - Miss Hubble

  • Lewis Harris

    “Lewis has raised the most money in the PT, with £15 for the PAG raffle. Well done!”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Thomas Nutting

    “For collecting the 'Vocational Award' at Celebration Evening. Well done Thomas!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Hasin Chowdhury

    “First student to bring in food for charity purposes.”

    - Mr Price

  • Kendal O'connor

    “Well done for a brilliant effort in Spanish this week! ”

    - Mrs Bailey

  • Jitesh Patel And Naomi Rowaiye

    “Well done Jitesh for getting 4 positives this week. Congratulations to Naomi for achieving the Business subject award at last night's ceremony! We are so proud of you!”

    - Miss Farrell

  • Junayad Ali

    “Excellent work in Spanish and an A grade in his mock. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Darnell Ricketts

    “This week's Star Student is Darnell Ricketts who has led Citizenship on a number of sessions. Well done Darnell!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Sukhvir Chungh

    “For being invited to a Headteacher's lunch this week. Well done Sukhvir!”

    - Mrs Ruston

  • George Harmon

    “Well done for training with the First Team at WBA. ”

    - Mrs Najran

  • Salmen Yafai

    “An excellent week for Salmen, a massive 5 positive ePortals!!”

    - Dr Green

  • Zoe Eccleshall

    “Award in Art.”

    - Miss Varccianna

  • Paramvir Singh

    “Excellent effort in the recent poetry competition with Miss Farrell and for working hard in all lessons, displaying an excellent attitude. Well done!”

    - Miss Millard

  • Jordan Dhaliwal

    “For an excellent attitude in Business this week. Keep up the good work. ”

    - Mrs Kauser

  • Jonathan Hickin

    “Achieved level 6b in his science exam, the highest score within his class. ”

    - Mr Follis

  • Lydia Bevan

    “For receiving two positives this week and for her excellent efforts across all subjects. Well done. ”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Stephanie Owusu

    “Stephanie (Year 7) achieved a Level 6b in her Science test this week, a fantastic result!”

    - Mr M Parker

  • Luke Solly And Jessica Lyne

    “Well done for receiving the Geography and History subject awards at the Year 11 Achievement Evening. ”

    - Mr Mosedale

  • Beth Phillips

    “Well done on superb attitude in English. This shows a great work ethic and commitment to do well this year. Keep it up!”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Samira Akthar

    “For receiving no late marks this week, a great improvement with regards to your punctuality. Well done Samira.”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Iqra Hussain

    “For being very helpful and polite to Ms Powell every week and taking on a leadership role when in ILC. Keep up the good work!”

    - Miss O'grady

  • Ethan Mundon

    “For continuing to excel in Mathematics. Well done!”

    - Mr Pain

  • Satvir Sandhu

    “For doing exceptionally well in the SATs mock in Science and achieving a Level 7b. We are very proud of you. Keep up the hard work!”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Dakota Mancini

    “For her fantastic approach to lessons, her efforts are continually recognised by her teachers.”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Opinderjit Birha

    “For an excellent week - all deadlines met. Well done.”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Pavenjot Hayer

    “Pavenjot has begun her volunteer work this week for Child Line. She has managed to ensure that this has not affected her work and that it is still produced to a high quality.”

    - Miss Turley

  • Jamie Silvester

    “Well done for selling the most raffle tickets”

    - Miss Smith

  • Hassan Ali

    “For thinking about others before himself and showing true Sandwell Academy spirit. Well done.”

    - Mrs Jawanda

  • Hassan Ali

    “For thinking about others before himself and showing true Sandwell Academy spirit. Well done.”

    - Mrs Jawanda

  • Kiera Richardson And Rajpal Ubhi

    “For getting many positives throughout the week!”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Ria Gharu

    “Fantastic effort in classwork across all subjects. ”

    - Miss Reynolds

  • Bradley Burton

    “Well done, Bradley, for a real turnaround - six positives in two weeks!”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Alisha Parchment, Sophie Vale

    “For gaining interviews for university courses. Well done girls - keep up the hard work!”

    - Miss Lowe

  • Lottie Ham

    “For completing her lifesaving and swimming part of her GCSE. Well done for your dedication!”

    - Dr Williams

  • Kitana Southall

    “Excellent effort last week! 4 positives!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Bethany Mack

    “A superb week with four positive e portals. Congratulations Bethany!!”

    - Mr Topper

  • Helene Kadima

    “Helene achieved 73/75 on a recent C1 AS level mock exam. ”

    - Mrs Bhandal

  • Jack Mcfarlane And Maryum Begum

    “For kicking us off with our collection bringing in lots of tins for our box!”

    - Miss Robbins

  • Bilal Asif

    “Bilal achieved the most positive eportals within the pt, a fantastic achievement, well done”

    - Mr Paul

  • Jake Garrison

    “Excellent attitude and lot of positive e-portals. Well done. ”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Ellis Oldershaw

    “Ellis has had a fantastic start to Year 10 and is a real credit to the year group. Ellis always puts in 100% effort with his work and presents his ideas well. Ellis has a very bright future ahead with this very commendable attitude. Keep it up, Ellis!”

    - Miss Roper

  • Kadeem Samuel-Brown

    “Kadeem has been given the opportunity to have lunch with Mr. Topper (Header Teacher) during the week beginning 24/11/2015. Well done Kadeem. ”

    - Mr Ferguson





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