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Year 8 & 9 Remote Learning

Year 8 & 9 students will be remote learning from 20-27 November. Parents please see associated email (19 November) regarding arrangements and contact your Head of Year with any queries.



Year 9 students Food Tech lessons at home

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Star Student

Jeevun Aujla

PT Star Students

  • Lola Bedford
    By Miss Bhandal
    Lola always shows a positive attitude towards learning. Well done.
  • Jensen Berridge
    By Mrs Morris-Ashman
    Well done on earning all those positives. Keep it up.
  • Thomas Regis
    By Mr R Smith
    Well done on receiving the most positives this week in PT.
  • Loris Yeats
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Fantastic work this week. Keep up the excellent work. Well done.
  • Jason And Neithon Osmani
    By Miss Mehta
    For being wonderful and bright members of the PT and always helping out with Quiz, Citizenship and other members of PT
  • Amaan Arif
    By Miss Roberts
    Amaan has had an excellent week, with lots of positives earned. He also has been completing his homework to a high standard. Keep up the great work!
  • Deep Multani
    By Mr Hughes
    Deep has managed to construct a Mathematical proof for 0=1 . He has worked incredibly hard on this and his success clearly demonstrates how able he is at Mathematics. Well done Deep.
  • India Dugal
    By Miss S Scott
    Excellent work in Business work.
  • Halina Banger
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on steady, patient brilliance!
  • Priya Sehmar
    By Miss Deakin
    Thank you for being helpful in PT and helping the boys with citizenship!
  • Ashfaq Faheem
    By Mrs Barnes
    Well done on managing to complete all your work and preparing for end of topic exam with your arm in a sling
  • Evan Slater, Ellie Guo And Om Kaushal
    By Miss L Scott
    These three students have been nominated by the group they have had fantastic weeks, well done!
  • Peniel Mhango
    By Mr Hoque
    Great positive attitude in PT
  • Kelly-Ann Bridge
    By Mrs Fellows
    Kelly-Ann has had a fantastic start to the half term and has received many positive commendations from staff. Well done Kelly-Ann
  • Rawen Hassan
    By Miss SK Gill
    Achieving the most positives in the PT this week. Well done Rawen!
  • Kysler Pagunsan, Lucy Atkiss
    By Mrs Williams
    Fantastic amount of positives awarded this week and zero negatives! Superb!
  • Nader Yafai
    By Miss K Goddard
    Nader's business teacher came to speak to me about his change in attitude and excellent classwork in the past week. He also worked well at home whilst having to self-isolate. Well done!
  • Suleman Siddique
    By Mr Khuttan
    well done completing your uni frog application
  • Manvir Sandhu
    By Ms Chaggar
    Always contributes to PT Quiz
  • Tara Hargun
    By Miss SK Gill
    Good effort in Mathematics. Well done Tara!
  • Davina Kataria
    By Miss Lalria
    excellent work in lots of subjects this week
  • Andrew Chu
    By Mrs Talwar
    Well done Andrew for a fantastic week. Keep up the hard work.
  • Alana Acampora
    By Miss Roberts
    For being focused and hardworking at all times. Well done!
  • Chanel Richards
    By Mrs White
    Improved effort and work completion in lessons
  • Coby Robbins
    By Mr Sturley
    Positive improvement in Mathematics

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