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The Student Voice: Issue 9 Out Now
Tue, 12 May 2015
The latest issue of Sandwell Academy's Student Voice Newspaper is now online!
Sandwell Academy Students Jump for Joy
Mon, 09 Mar 2015
Academy students were jumping for joy after taking receipt of full size trampolines for a brand new after school activity.

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Recent Results

Year 10 Cricket Team vs John Taylor High (Staffs Cup)
Lost by 9 Wickets
Sixth Form Crciket vs Halesowen College (AoC League) (A)
Sixth Forn Boys B Team vs UC Bimringham (H) (AoC League)
3-2 win
Year 11 Boys vs Hagley Catholic College (West Midlands Cup Final)
3-1 Win
Athletics Senior Championships @ Tipton Sports Academy
Sandwell Academy overall winners
Year A Team vs Bristnall Hall (A) Sandwell Cup 1/4 Final
9-1 win
Year 9 Boys vs Wood Green (AWAY) Sandwell Cup
3-1 Win
Year 8 Boys Football vs TTS (HOME) (West MIdlands Cup SEMI-FINAL)
8-2 win
Year 10 Boys Football vs Grace Academy (West Midlands Semi-Final) AWAY
6-1 win
U16 Futsal Tournament @ Birmingham Futsal Centre
U16 Netball Tournament @ George Salter
Runners Up
Sixth Form A Team vs Moreton (AoC League)
2-0 loss
Year 9 Football A Team vs Grace Academy (West Mids Cup Semi Final) (AWAY)
6-3 Win
Sixth Form A Team vs Codsall High (AOC League) (HOME)
3-1 Win
Year 8 Football A Team vs Streetly Academy (West Mids Cup 1/4 Final) (HOME)
6-1 win
  • Sophie-Marie Merrix

    “For being extra helpful this week in PT. Well done! ”

    - Miss Johnson

  • Rafiullah AKBARZAI

    “Rafiullah is PT Star Student this week for his hard work and dedication during the exam period. Keep up the hard work and good luck in your remaining exams!”

    - Miss Clark

  • Russell Blackwood

    “Russell is star student this week for his great effort and conduct in lessons this week. His subject teachers have been really pleased with his standard of work and he has had several positives. Well done!”

    - Miss Martin

  • 6Th Form And Year 11 Students

    “Well done on your recent effort and commitment to your studies during your A levels and GCSE exams. Keep up the hard work over the Half Term and ensure you revise for the remaining exams.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Sophie Seera

    “She's changed after her meeting and really pleased how she's been behaving in Spanish.”

    - Mrs Gill

  • Ralphon Foster

    “Ralphon has made vast improvements in his behavior in the second half of this week. His parents, PT and teachers are very proud of him and he must maintain his positive attitude.”

    - Mr O'Shea

  • Dante Barnett

    “A great week, working hard and gaining positive comments! Keep it up!”

    - Mr Grocutt

  • Sean Williams

    “Well done Sean for working incredibly hard in revision lessons, in preparation for your exams! ”

    - Miss Tanner

  • Jasreet Kaur

    “Very positive week in lessons. Keep up the good work ”

    - Miss Nield

  • Joshua Carter, Elle Gough And Lucy Culwick

    “Well done, Year 11, on an excellent effort in your exams so far! Keep up the hard work. ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Simran Samra

    “For attending extra sessions to complete her Business coursework. Well done for working extra hard!!”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Olivia Newell

    “For continuous hard work and effort in her studies. Well done!”

    - Mr Mackenzie

  • Kaite Bevan

    “Always contributing to class activities. Achieving many Positives.”

    - Miss Varccianna

  • Christian Ofosuhene

    “Wonderful lesson in Music. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Elizabeth Sargeant

    “For receiving several lovely comments recently from teachers about how wonderful Elizabeth is as an all round student around the Academy. ”

    - Mrs Ruston

  • Prabhdeep Uppal

    “Well done for your excellent effort and hard work in Spanish - achieving an A* is a fantastic achievement in Spanish writing!”

    - Mrs Bailey

  • Jordan Edwards

    “Jordan has been working really hard in lessons and produced excellent work in Spanish session 3 creating a lesson for year 3 students. ”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Chloe Lane

    “Well done Chloe for your excellent Language Leaders presentation.”

    - Miss Lees

  • Savannah Rai

    “Excellent effort and positive attitude in Business and Product Design.”

    - Mr Turner

  • Aram Ali

    “Well done to Aram for always being a superstar!”

    - Miss Farrell

  • Carmi Hart

    “Well done for your successful interview with LMPQ Training! I am very pleased for you and know you will do very well! ”

    - Miss Breitmeyer

  • Kylie Pike

    “Good improvement in behaviour”

    - Mrs Humphries

  • Whole PT

    “For working hard in this half term full of exams. Well done!”

    - Dr Williams

  • Rukhsar Yaseen

    “Congratulations on a fantastic piece of DT going on display and for getting 7A in science. Great stuff!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Owen Morgan

    “Fantastic work in English. ”

    - Miss Chapman

  • Chelsie Brookes And Meera Chahal

    “Well done to you both for showing a great perseverance towards you GCSE revision. Keep working hard and good luck.”

    - Mr Singh

  • Harrison Paynter

    “For gaining lots of positives this week. Well done!”

    - Miss Denis

  • Charlotte Parry

    “Won the Girls' Football West Midlands Cup! Fantastic, well done!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Daisy Evans

    “For achieving 26/30 in her mental maths assessments. Well done!”

    - Mr Chesterman

  • Joshua Cole & Poppy Starrs

    “Both Josh and Poppy have had excellent weeks gaining two positive e-portals each with no negatives or lates. Well done you two!”

    - Mr Bridgwater

  • Prakesh Parekh

    “Prakesh has produced some quality work in ICT and Double Applied Business during Module 5 report.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Amrit Bath

    “Fantastic ROA and well done for securing a valuable industry placement for work experience.”

    - Mrs Bolton

  • Lydia Cooper

    “Well done for achieving an A* in the Catering practical exam.”

    - Mrs Hussain

  • Elliot Bently

    “Total reliability and dedication to his time at the academy.”

    - Mr Leighton

  • Maria Azram, Shernice Chisholm And Joe Fraser

    “Maria, Shernice and Joe started their exams this week. Well done for all the hard work put in preparing, and good luck!”

    - Mr Ruston

  • Paige Gough

    “For a fantastic effort this half term - well done”

    - Miss Timms

  • Ellie Kinsell

    “Ellie continues to do well and has received 3 positives this week. Keep up the good work!”

    - Mrs Cashmore

  • Tyler Oliver

    “For a much improved week - Keep it Up Tyler.”

    - Mr Khan

  • Ryan Machona

    “A good week for Ryan, hardwork in all subjects !”

    - Miss Watkins

  • Anoop And Rebecca

    “For a fantastic effort this half term, especially towards the exams - well done!”

    - Mrs Sharif

  • Charlotte Geer

    “A real effort in lessons this week, especially Science and Spanish. Well done!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Simran Panesar

    “This week's Star Student is Simran Panesar who has completed her 10 hour exam in ICT! Well done Simran! Hope you get the result you want!”

    - Mr Mahey

  • Danielle Kennedy, Oliver Payne And Harvinder Briah

    “Harvinder, Danielle and Oliver have all had a very successful academic year so far. They have secured good to outstanding marks in the units completed and are working towards excelling in their exams. Brilliant role models for the rest of the group.”

    - Mrs Morris-Ashman

  • Matthew Clayton

    “Excellent progress in Spanish. Keep it up.”

    - Mr Camwell

  • Kyrah Abbeyquaye

    “Well done Kyrah on teaching two lessons in Spanish today in your role as a Language leader”

    - Dr Green

  • Aaron Knight

    “Aaron has had a fantastic week, working well towards his GCSE exams and picking up several positives for his hard work. Nice work!”

    - Mr Jones

  • Nathan West

    “Nathan had a superb week with lots of praises and positives. WELL DONE NATHAN”

    - Miss Ho

  • Cerys Jones

    “Achieved three positives for a great effort in Spanish and Media. ”

    - Miss Dhanda





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