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I Am Creative Project
Fri, 17 Mar 2017
On Tuesday 14th March, Y10 GCSE students took part in presenting their marketing campaigns to real advertising experts from Adam&EveDDB as well as an Ideas Foundation representative.
High School Musical
Wed, 08 Mar 2017

Performing Arts students took part in this year’s production of ‘High School Musical’ last week.

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  • Corin Clark

    “Well done for representing Archer house in the Sandwell Run. ”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Abigail Arblaster

    “A fantastic week - Abigail received 5 positive eportals! Well done.”

    - Mr Paul

  • Erin Hardy

    “Achieving lots of positives this week. Well done Erin!”

    - Miss SK Gill

  • Harriet Turner

    “Another excellent week of progress. Well Done.”

    - Mr Taaffe

  • George Duggal

    “George is exceeding his Key Stage 4 targets (based on mock exam results) and still has time to improve further. He mixes well in PT and supports and guides his peers. Well done!”

    - Miss Insley

  • Federico Kudrik & Kofi Williams

    “Well done on an excellent race in the Sandwell Run. You both ran very well and made the PT proud. ”

    - Miss Reynolds

  • Megan Carswell

    “Well done, Megan, for winning silver in the Sandwell Run! ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Junior Borland

    “A very good week for Junior, with positives for English, Maths, Art and Geography. This is a great achievement compared to recent weeks. Well done and keep on working this well.”

    - Mr Barnett

  • Ibukunoluwa Adegoke And Lauren Smith

    “Well done guys on fabulous performances in the Sandwell Run this week. IBK was unlucky to finish second and the spirit of the school was on show as Lauren crossed the line with Corin in joint last place. Next year maybe you will be as fast as me!!”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Tristan Bennett

    “Well done for being such a sports man in Sandwell Run! We are proud of your effort and commitment to complete after a nasty fall.”

    - Mrs Bailey

  • Lewis Young

    “Lewis was outstanding in his first Rugby tournament for the school. Well done and keep working hard. ”

    - Mr Woodhall

  • Liam Osmani

    “Well done Liam for winning the chance to go to London to present your project to 'Adam and Eve' DDB. We are very proud of you. Good luck!”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Keneto Davies

    “Well done for persevering in the Sandwell Run despite being injured. ”

    - Mrs Colley

  • Leo Linford

    “This week's PT Star Student is Leo Linford, for making a solid improvement in his focus in lessons. Well done Leo, keep it up!”

    - Miss Lambert

  • Rhiannon Flute

    “For her participation in the Sandwell Run! Well done. ”

    - Miss Abrams

  • Naomi Rowaiye

    “Well done Naomi for your consistently hard work and exceptional effort around school. You have set an amazing example for the whole PT group.”

    - Mrs Lowe

  • Callum Taylor

    “Helping with PT admin during module report week.”

    - Miss Dickenson

  • Sam Woodall

    “Ensuring all homework has been completed over the last 4 weeks. Keep it up. ”

    - Mr Durnall

  • Anil Virk

    “Positive improvement in effort - particularly Maths.”

    - Miss Williams

  • Luke Johnson

    “Well done for competing in the Sandwell Run and winning for the Sixth Form boys! Great resilience getting involved again after having a bad fall last year. ”

    - Miss Meadows

  • Tia Witter

    “Well done for participating in Sandwell Run! We're very proud of you! ”

    - Mr Campbell

  • Shoaib Hussain

    “Congratulations for getting into the next stage for a summer school placement! Good luck with the next test!”

    - Mr Mackenzie

  • Callum Brownhill & Joshua Herbert

    “Joshua marched fantastically with the Army Cadets during Sandwell Run. Callum won a competition in Business and will be going to London to promote his idea to business executives. Well done to both!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • David Eboye

    “Excellent work in PE by achieving a high score in his recent test and for excellent contributions to the Sandwell Run.”

    - Mrs James

  • Zaina Al Nasri And Leah Hadley

    “Well done for receiving the most positives in PT this week. Keep up the good work. ”

    - Mrs Kauser

  • Aaliyah Staple And Liam Stead

    “Well done to both students for fantastic effort and attendance!”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Sanah Saghir

    “A really good week academically and a positive influence in PT. Well done!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Rico Richards

    “For an awesome effort and victory in the Sandwell Run. Everyone in the PT is really proud.”

    - Mr Price

  • Zak Brown

    “Excellent performance at football scoring the winning goal. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Ben Harvey

    “For being extremely helpful during a cover lesson, helping the teacher to set up the lesson. Well done Ben.”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Louisa Cross-Warren

    “Three positives this week. Well done!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Whole PT

    “Well done this week for the entire PT with lots of positives! Keep up the hard work :)”

    - Ms Watson

  • Marc Babaran

    “Marc has had a fantastic week, receiving a range of positives across subject areas. Keep up the hard work Marc. Well done!”

    - Mr Hughes

  • Kacper Kolanowski

    “A great Sandwell Run, 4 positive e portals and success in ECDL mock - what a week!!! Well done Kacper.”

    - Mr Topper

  • Grace Thomas

    “This week's Star Student is Grace Thomas for the fantastic effort shown in the Sandwell Run, well done!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Mitchell Robinson And Vyshonne Walker

    “Outstanding effort in the Sandwell Run.”

    - Mr Sturley


    “Fantastic result in the Sandwell Run! 1st place Year 9 girls, I am so proud of you. ”

    - Dr Williams

  • Charlie Bedale

    “Consistently demonstrating a positive effort and attitude towards all lessons and producing work to the best of his capability. He is a pleasure to have in any class. ”

    - Miss Millard

  • Ria Behl

    “Well done Ria for your continuous positive approach to all your school work.”

    - Miss Tulloch

  • Lauren Hunt And Harlem

    “Lauren for her dedication and success with the Vocab Express and Harlem for the massive improvement shown in his behaviour over the last three weeks. ”

    - Dr Green

  • Oliver Nock And Charlie Jew

    “Well done Oliver for producing an excellent piece of art work and Charlie for helping the Year 8 football team win the match by saving crucial penalties!”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Maisie Moore And Sam Bignell

    “Received positives all week and no negatives. Well done and keep it up.”

    - Mrs Hood

  • Maisie Dutfield

    “Great effort in Geography, an A in your coursework is fantastic!”

    - Miss Lowe

  • Ghayoor Hussain

    “Well done to Ghayoor for securing interviews for several placements/summer schools during the Summer. Good luck!”

    - Miss Gledhill

  • Callum Plant

    “Callum recently competed in a 5-a-side football tournament outside of school. He and his team mates won three of the four rounds, and drew the last. They now get to compete in the final in Ireland. Well done Callum! ”

    - Miss Robbins

  • Caitlin Perkins

    “For coming joint first in the Year 10 Business Project 'I am Creative'!”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Lilly Lomax

    “Well done on some superb work in Performing Arts. Keep it up!”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Ebony Gregory

    “Excellent progress and commitment to Session 3”

    - Mrs Humphries

  • Kanwardeep Sidhu

    “Well done for achieving the most positive e-portals in PT”

    - Miss Smith

  • Hannah Batsford

    “For continuing to work hard towards her exams.”

    - Mrs Pedley

  • Mandeep Singh

    “Mandeep has had an amazing 5 positives! Well done Mandeep, this is the most number of positives achieved in our PT this week. Keep up the great work. ”

    - Miss Gabrie

  • Sukhdeep Bains

    “Your outstanding work in all subjects. Keep working hard!”

    - Mr Oppong-Adu

  • Thea Clearkin

    “The PT are very proud that Thea was Star Student on the broadcast. Well done!”

    - Miss Hewitt

  • Hans Oppong-Adu

    “Well done Hans for your fantastic efforts in each of your subject.Keep working hard! ”

    - Mr Mosedale

  • Farah Johnson-Farquhar

    “Well done on improving you Health and Social Care work this week. Keep up the hard work. ”

    - Miss Hubble

  • Navanjot Sandhu

    “For receiving numerous positive eportals and her success in the Sandwell Run. Well done!”

    - Mr Smith

  • Mia Brotheridge

    “Well done for your excellent comments on your recent module report!”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Ellis Hall

    “Ellis has received a lot of positive comments from his Computer Science teacher during this module.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Aman Yasir

    “A positive week across your subjects, well done Aman!”

    - Miss Deakin