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Severe Weather Alert
Latest Update: 16 Dec - 01:00PM


Sandwell Academy Student meets The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Thu, 30 Nov 2017
Year 13 student Jasreet Kaur met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during a six week Research Placement with Jaguar Land Rover.
Digital Technology Bootcamp
Wed, 29 Nov 2017
A group of Year 13 students who are interested in a career in the technology sector attended an event in Birmingham as part of the “TCS Digital Explorers” programme organised by TATA Consultancy Services.
Black Country Radio Interview
Wed, 22 Nov 2017
The Year 11 students that took part in the "I Am Creative Project Final" visited Black Country Radio to share their experiences.
Nuffield Research Placements
Mon, 13 Nov 2017
During the summer holiday, two current Year 13 students, Paris Curling and Jasreet Kaur completed an extended work experience placement through the Nuffield Foundation.

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Sixth Form Late Enquiries September 2017

Sixth Form Admissions – Late Enquiries

We will be holding appointments on Wednesday 6 September 1.00pm – 3.00pm

We will be holding appointments on Wednesday 6 September 2017 to fill any places that may be available in Year 12. If you are interested in attending, please complete the Late Enquiry Form and email it to vbeddard@sandwellacademy.com

We also require you to complete an Application Form and bring it with you to the appointment, along with your GCSE results and a copy of your Year 11 Report / Record of Achievement.


  • Kurrun Behl

    “Kurrun has been a fantastic mature influence within the PT. He has organised the PT with some citizenship tasks and has been supporting the PT by checking portfolios and uniform of other students within the group. He is a very reliable and mature young adult. Well done Kurrun and thank you for your support.”

    - Mrs Guest

  • Teesha Chavda

    “Well done to Teesha who has spent her free time doing charity work with the Samaritans, helping those less fortunate. Well done Teesha!”

    - Miss Regan

  • Cameron Ali

    “A glowing example to others in PT and around the Academy.”

    - Mr Dodds

  • Grace Cowley

    “Excellent effort in Art!”

    - Mr Frearson

  • Students Who Played Football

    “Star student goes to all those in the PT who represented Regis house and won! Excellent win guys! ”

    - Miss Gabrie

  • Mohammed Islam And Bradley Oxford-Phillips

    “Amazing progress in Geography, well done!”

    - Miss Williams

  • William Thomas

    “For getting Firm and insurance UCAS choices back from universities within 4 days!”

    - Mr Templeman

  • Nader Yafai

    “Nader has significantly improved in Computer Science on his last assessment and is now performing well in lessons. He has been praised by his computer science teacher for his hard work of late. Well done Nader!”

    - Mr Hughes

  • Charlotte Christy And Aidan Brunton-Douglas

    “An excellent alliance formed during PE where Year 7's and Year 10's played Danish Longball.”

    - Mrs Colley

  • Shaquille Linton

    “Shaquille has made a big improvement this week and is working well. Keep up the good work :)”

    - Miss Oakley

  • Jjay Singh

    “Excellent effort in English. Well done. ”

    - Miss Scott

  • Ayyub Mohammed

    “For some positive reports of good classwork, including what I have seen in DT!”

    - Mr Price

  • Nuriya Yasmin

    “For a great week of lessons - well done”

    - Mrs Chapman

  • Harry Small

    “For completing his rugby coaching qualification. Well done Harry, a magnificent achievement. ”

    - Mr Campbell

  • Samuel Jones

    “Muy excellente trabajo en Espanol! Keep up the good work Sam!”

    - Mrs James

  • Usmaan Hussain

    “Receiving the most amount of positives”

    - Mrs Barnes

  • Bradley Park

    “Excellent in Chemistry test.”

    - Miss Varccianna

  • Preston Round

    “Doing very well at the academy making excellent progress in lessons.”

    - Mrs Mann

  • Chloe And Samantha

    “Well done for all the positives this week.”

    - Mrs Kauser

  • Kyan Wright

    “Happy Birthday and well done for a fantastic week. Keep it up!”

    - Mr Howard

  • Daisy Stanley

    “An excellent module report; well done! ”

    - Ms Walsh

  • Kobe Stewart

    “For an improvement in behaviour and attitude in lessons- well done Kobe! ”

    - Mrs Fellows

  • Darcie Lewis

    “Consistent hard work in all of her lessons. Also going the extra mile in lesson to help a friend out.”

    - Mr Golden

  • Eloise Knight

    “Excellent effort in her poetry assessment recently. She got the highest level in the class!”

    - Mrs Sharif

  • Rebekah Poole And Joshua Edwards

    “Rebekah has received 5 positives this week across a range of subjects. This is excellent. Joshua has made good progress this week as well as improving his attitude and behaviour. Well done Joshua, keep it up. ”

    - Miss Walsh

  • Chloe Brookes

    “Well done on an excellent performance in a recent interview to achieve a place on a college place.”

    - Mr Rayson

  • Steven Stokes

    “Very well done for having a great week in all your subjects. You received 6 positives regarding your work this week. You did particularly well in English Geography, Spanish and Maths. Very well done Steven. Keep up the hard work. ”

    - Miss Bulto

  • Joel Gangaidzo

    “Well done, Joel, for receiving such excellent praise from your science teacher! ”

    - Miss Hillier

  • Romi, Harpreet And Matthew

    “Presented Citizenship to the PT this week. Thank you”

    - Mrs Hood

  • Joiheem Morton

    “Well done Joiheem on being chosen to represent Astle House as student captain this year! Well done Joiheem! ”

    - Miss A Ravenscroft

  • Renelle Davis-Lawrence

    “A great improvement this week from Renelle who has worked really hard throughout the week and got plenty of positives.”

    - Mr Bowen

  • Mohammed Usmaan

    “Mohammed has had a really good week and has worked hard to make a good impression on his teachers. Well done!”

    - Mrs Virk

  • Rajdeep Thandi, Breanna Mitchell And Wahid Hussain

    “All 6.2 students have worked very hard on UCAS applications and personal statements and have submitted or are preparing to submit them. Good Luck!”

    - Mr Sturley

  • Olivia Newell

    “Olivia has passed her Level 1 Piano Test. Well done Olivia! ”

    - Miss Kaur

  • Jamie Emery

    “For delivering an excellent Citizenship. Well done Jamie!”

    - Miss SK Gill

  • Rajpal Ubhi

    “For achieving positives from 3 different subjects last week.”

    - Mr Badhan

  • Mohammed Siddique

    “For having a good week and getting a great score in his maths test.”

    - Mr Bedford

  • Neeve Porter

    “Neeve won her Kickboxing tournament last week, fighting against students much older than her. Well done!”

    - Mrs G James

  • Jack Denton

    “Recommended by Ms. Varccianna for excellent work in business. Well done Jack and keep up the good work! ”

    - Miss Davies

  • Kavita Rai

    “Kavita has had another excellent week. She has had a fantastic year so far and is setting a great example to others in PT. Well done!”

    - Mr Smith

  • Jaykaran Singh

    “This week's star student is Jaykaran Singh for his wonderful effort in subjects. Well done!”

    - Mr Matthews

  • Jack Hinton

    “Well done Jack for having a positive few weeks, keep it up!”

    - Miss Lowe

  • Mia Brotheridge

    “Well done for your hard work in Science!”

    - Miss E Dutfield

  • Alicia Mckenzie

    “Alicia has maintained a positive work ethic in lessons during Module 2.”

    - Mr Ferguson

  • Kimi Rai

    “For gaining an impressive 6 positives last week. Well done. ”

    - Dr Green

  • Sean Daly

    “Excellent work in Spanish and Geography. Well done Sean.”

    - Mr Rasool

  • Meghan Whitehouse

    “Good Effort with Year 11 studies so far. Keep up the efforts!”

    - Miss Butigan

  • Harleen Duhra

    “Well done for many positives and having a good attitude in lessons. Keep it up!”

    - Ms Watson

  • Jaidip Kaur

    “For doing so well with her WBA trial and successfully getting into the U14 girls Football Team. Well done!”

    - Mr Williams

  • Ismaeel Siddique

    “Well done on maintaining a positive and hardworking attitude throughout the week!”

    - Miss Oldnall

  • Cuba Clarke

    “Cuba is well behaved and organised. Well done,keep it up.”

    - Mrs Ballinger