Year 13 Trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Wed, 04 May 2022

On Saturday 9th April, Year 13 English Literature students went on a visit to Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre in London. The theatre is famed for its unique design: it has a circular structure and is completely open air. Whilst there are a number of seats around the edge (historically for those Elizabethan theatre-goers who could afford this luxury!), the majority of patrons stand to watch the stage productions. 

The day began with a guided tour of the theatre, during which time our tour guide explained the deep cultural history of the building, explaining how it was one of the first theatres to appear in the country in the 16th Century.

Following this, we were lucky enough to watch the 2022 RSC production of 'Hamlet' in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, an adjoining theatre lit fully by candlelight. Overall, students had a fantastic day exploring the historic landmark and thoroughly enjoyed watching an authentic yet innovative production of Shakespeare’s most popular play.

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