Birmingham City University - International Women in Computing and Engineering Event

Wed, 30 Jun 2021

Tuesday 15 June 2021 saw a group of Year 9 students participate in an event run by Birmingham City University (BCU) to promote International Women in Computing and Engineering Day. The activity was focused upon sustainability, and working in groups, the students were given the task to build a flood proof home using a BBC Micro:Bit. The students had to code a working flood sensor which displayed a smiley face when dry and an umbrella when water is detected. Under the supervision of Mr Hoque each group was given a BBC Micro:Bit and basic materials to build their houses with the option of bringing in any extra resources. The groups were judged initially by Mr Hoque, with the winning entry by Amrit Gosal and Larissa Sandha being submitted to BCU through a video and a voice over which the girls scripted themselves. The girl’s hard work paid off and they won the competition being praised by the University for their “excellent design”! The prize is £100 in vouchers. This was an outstanding achievement as the girls had no experience of coding or using BBC Micro:Bits. Well done girls - an excellent way to promote women in Computing!

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