Year 10 Spoken Voice Workshop

Wed, 12 May 2021

On Wednesday 5 May, students in Year 10 participated in a Spoken Voice workshop with the Speakers Trust. Throughout the day, they participated in a range of challenges that focussed on delivering speeches to large audiences.

Initially, the session focussed on building students’ knowledge of tone, content and delivery. The skills that they developed were then used as a foundation for the impromptu and planned speaking challenges that they were given.

Exceptional speeches were presented on a diverse selection of topics, from the economic power of the gaming industry, to the issues surrounding freedom of choice and expression. All of the students demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm and resilience as they tackled each task.

Eloise Knight is in receipt of a special commendation for her high efforts following her wonderful speech on the invisibility of mental health and the strength that lies in supporting those around you.

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