Collins Aerospace Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Fri, 19 Mar 2021

On 25 February four Year 8 girls took part in an online event about engineering from Collins Aerospace.  The “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” day is a great way to establish an engaging and “STEM-tastic” experience for students who identify as female to learn more about what engineers do, participate remotely in engineering activities and hear about the rewards that a career in engineering may provide. This year was the first time the event has been held online.

Harpreet Sahota in Year 8 said “I thoroughly enjoyed this engineering event. The staff were very kind and patient and they gave me a whole new insight and I am possibly considering engineering as a career”.  As you can see from some of the photos Harpreet sent through, the day was very engaging and the students learnt a lot of new skills.

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