Train to Teach at Sandwell Academy

Sandwell Academy has a proven track record of attracting and training outstanding staff. Since opening in 2006, the Academy has worked with trainee teachers who have entered the profession from a variety of routes – including the School Direct programme, where staff train 'on-the-job' and combine training with hands-on, practical experience.

We also work with all local ITT providers to provide PGCE placements, with many staff placed with us going on to gain employment and forge successful teaching careers. In addition, we have worked successfully with TeachFirst, another well-established route in to the profession.

Staff working with us have access to comprehensive training and support – and, where appropriate, also have the opportunity to further enhance their professional development and qualifications by working on Masters level modules which are part-funded by the school. Through this scheme, several staff have now completed their Masters (MA) with us. Others have completed their Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate qualifications.

If you are thinking of entering the teaching profession, Sandwell Academy is a great platform from which to launch a successful teaching career.

Teach at Sandwell Academy

Sandwell Academy, in partnership with West Midlands Consortium, train teachers via a variety of routes.

For more information, please contact Mr Mark Pugh, Professional Tutor at and visit the train to teach website.