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Star Student

Jeevun Aujla

PT Star Students

  • Isha Hussain
    By Ms Toure
    Congratulations on your well-earned positives, Isha. Keep up the good work!
  • Marwa Khalid And Ruby Slade
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well done for a fantastic week and achieving the highest amount of positives.
  • Shai Smith
    By Miss Parker
    Shai has showed such a positive attitude to learning during the first two weeks at school. Well done!
  • Muhammed Ahmed & Oliver Wilkes
    By Mrs Virk
    A awesome start to the school year. Well done and keep up the hard work!
  • Lily Clarke & Tiaira Edwards-White
    By Ms Perrin
    Superb attainment girls!. Both pupils have made an excellent impression this week in lessons securing an an amazing 6 positives. Well done and keep it up..
  • Amalinder Mann
    By Miss Gabrie
    For receiving 6 positives in the week! and 0 negatives. Brilliant week for Amalinder- keep this up!
  • Jacob Rams, Luqman Ali, Jobanjeet Singh, Moufid
    By Mr Khuttan
    Well done for gaining the most positives this week.
  • Elan Pritchett
    By Mrs White
    Good effort and classwork this week, most positives in PT
  • Adam Tudor
    By Ms Dockery
    Well Done Adam for achieving lots of positives in school this week. Congratulations!!!
  • Dylan Holwell
    By Mrs Barnes
    Dylan has had 100% attendance and punctuality this week and has completed an outstanding piece of homework this week for business
  • Emma Harminson
    By Mrs Najran
    Well done for executing an excellent kidney dissection in Biology
  • Shanae, Shayana, Sameer, Darcie And Lilly
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Shanae, Shayana, Sameer and Darcie for a fab start to the academy. Well done Lilly for reading and writing a review on a book this week :)
  • Kaleem Shafiq
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on being out highest positive earning student this week. We're super proud of you!
  • Damian Nyatanga
    By Miss S Scott
    Excellent effort overcoming the difficulties of his broken foot and endeavouring to participate in all his lessons. Great resilience.
  • Maya Sanghera
    By Ms Chaggar
    Achieved Distinction in PA
  • Tanim Zaman
    By Mr Chambaud-Boudet
    Tanim is an exemplary student in terms of behaviour, attendance and performance in lessons. As a result, he has been nominated to represent his PT as House Captain by his peers and his personal tutor.
  • SA,OD,AK,Jasmk,XK,Jaslk,Jasmk,MK,SL,CL,DL,RH,JM,SM
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Shafaat, Odane, Abhigya, Jasmine, Xayn, Jasleen, Jasmeen, Maciej, Sophia, Christopher, David, Rizwan, Jaskarana and Shubhkarman for arranging Parents Evening. Great attitude towards your studies, well done
  • Grace Boden
    By Mr W Smith
    Grace has not only got the most positives this week, but been recommended by Miss Rai for her excellent Shakespeare homework in English. Well done Grace - keep up the hard work!
  • Anna Britton
    By Miss Roberts
    Anna has had an exceptional week, volunteering for PT house captain and to support with assemblies. She also had the most positives this week. Well done!
  • Holly Brighton
    By Dr Watkins
    Well done for a fantastic start to your studies this year.
  • Jasmine Dewfield
    By Mr Jones
    Excellent attitude to learning, superb effort, and a kind and courteous demeanour. Keep it up! - Mr Jones
  • Keira Howes
    By Miss Lalria
    Great effort all week and showing focus in all subjects
  • Sammi Beckett
    By Miss K Goddard
    For volunteering to be 7M's house captain and making a great start to Year 7 with 8 positives so far. Well done and keep this up Sammi!
  • Frankie Allcott
    By Ms O'connor
    Frankie is always so happy and cheery. He is very polite and friendly to everyone! He also has the second joint highest amount of positives. Well done!!
  • Adam Heeley
    By Miss Round
    Achieving the most positives with no negatives!
  • Muhammed Ahmed & Jayden Kouossu
    By Ms Perrin
    Both Muhammed and Jayden worked superbly earning 5 positives in their first week. Outstanding start boys. Keep it up!
  • Charley Brooks And Ashdeep Kaur
    By Mrs Hamill
    Both Ashdeep and Charley had an excellent week, receiving 3 Positives ! Well done :)
  • Arees Abbas, Harsimran Kaur And Julia Scoarta
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done to Arees, Harsimran and Julia for producing work to a high standard during their Spanish lessons.

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