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1978 Ultimate Goal

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Star Student

Carmen Whitlock

PT Star Students

  • Leo Linford, Danny Peters And Sophia Price
    By Miss Williams
    Winners of the PT Christmas Quiz, well done Dream Team!
  • Avaas Khan
    By Mrs Hamill
    For receiving 6 positives this week. Avaas is working really well across all subjects. Well done, keep it up :)
  • Izzy Talbot-Humphries
    By Mr Masoud
    Much better attitude in her subjects. Attending all of her Session 3's consistently.
  • Hannah Riley And Chloe Parkes
    By Mr Bansal
    For your excellent performance in the academy production (1978).
  • Shivom Vaid
    By Mr R Smith
    An excellent week in the Academy with many positives! Well done!
  • Rosie Malcolm
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done for excellent effort in Spanish, keep it up
  • Lewis Harris
    By Mrs James
    Excellent achievement in wheelchair football this week. Keep up the excellent effort!
  • Fareen Akhtar
    By Mr Bedford
    For an excellent week and some good test results this week.
  • Kierah Graham Speed
    By Miss Dickenson
    Excellent charity contributions and efforts made outside school to raise money.
  • Lewis Spoors
    By Miss Spillane
    For his great work in Science and English this week.
  • Ramandeep Johal
    By Miss Tulloch
    Congratulations on gaining a place at Dudley College we are all very proud of you
  • Joshua Lal & Vinay Chawla
    By Miss Butigan
    A great week! Well Done both on your achievements !
  • Charlie Jew
    By Miss Dunningham
    Congratulations to Charlie for performing a lead role in the 1978 production this week! Fantastic work! All the PT are incredibly proud of you!
  • Safiya Robinson
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Safiya for the fantastic effort in the 1978 production! Well done and keep up the fabulous work! :D
  • Bilal Hussain
    By Miss Ludy
    On behalf of NNG pt. Bilal has been chosen to be star student this week because of his caring and helpful attitude in PT. Well done, Bilal!
  • Gurnoor Kaur, Charley Brookes And Cory O'connor
    By Mr Hughes
    This week Gurnoor and Charley have received many positives across a range of subjects, where their hard work and focus has been highlighted. These girls consistently work hard and are a true credit to the Academy! Also, Cory has made a significant improvement over the last few weeks and has be commended for his improved attitude and behaviour in lessons. Keep up all the hard work guys!
  • Jaidyn Kelly-Taitt
    By Mr Howard
    Well done for being a great son and having a Christmas present already sorted for your mum!!!!!
  • Edsan Neblett
    By Miss Davies
    improvement in Btec Sports over the last half and contribution and performance for "1978" school production.
  • Haider Khan
    By Mr Leach
    Fantastic effort this week across the board. Great improvement in behaviour. Well done!
  • Trinity Parkes
    By Mr Golden
    Taking on the lead role in organising the shoe box for food bank appeal, showing a caring attitude and great leadership skills. Well Done.
  • Rubecca Sarfaraz And Kavanpreet Singh
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Rubecca and Kavanpreet for delivering Citizenship to our PT this week.
  • Kelly-Ann Bridge
    By Miss Onions
    Kelly-Ann has been working hard in Maths and Spanish, receiving many positives and raffle tickets.
  • Cara Mcubbin
    By Miss Regan
    Well done on your participation in the production of 1978! You have worked extremely hard and you are extremely talented!
  • Zak Denton
    By Mr W Smith
    Fantastic second module for Zak - keep up all the hard work!
  • Ebony Gregory
    By Miss Woodhouse
    Well Done for representing Astle in the Art House Competition and for coming 2nd. Well Done Ebony.
  • Jack Bird
    By Mr Ullah
    Jack Bird has received four positives this week for producing really high standard of work. Jack is showing real potential in his English lessons. Really proud of you. Keep this up.
  • Jean-Louise Harris
    By Mr Miah
    For your excellent performance in the academy production.
  • Alicia Mckenzie
    By Mr Ferguson
    Well done Alicia for taking part in The Academy 1978 show that was held over two nights this week.
  • Lauren Dicks
    By Mr Rebecchi
    Lauren is an excellent young lady who has continuously worked hard in all of her lessons.
  • Hussain Afzal
    By Mr Hearn
    Top of the class with positives and positive feedback from other teachers with his engagement in 1978 tasks this week. Well done Hussain =)
  • Jamie Emery
    By Miss SK Gill
    For securing a scholarship at West Bromwich Albion. Well done Jamie!
  • Megan Cutler
    By Dr Watkins
    For her donations to the food bank appeal. Well done!
  • Sophie Varley
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for your hard work in the 1978 production!
  • Annabele Harper & Mohammed Usmaan
    By Mrs Virk
    Both students contributed to the Christmas charity hamper from our PT. Good citizenship displayed. Well done!
  • Olivia Nightingale And Nikita Badwal
    By Miss G Kaur
    Well done on such an amazing and moving performance in the 1978 production. Very proud of your hard work!
  • Jasmeen Kaur
    By Mrs Talwar
    Jasmeen, in spite of her injured knee, gave fantastic performance for the 1978 show. Well done.
  • Rawen Hassan
    By Miss Regan
    A positive week this week receiving a number of positives for good classwork, positive contribution and participation. In addition, produced a powerful poem in English about the effects of racism!
  • Harriet Turner & Timothy Cudail
    By Mr Khuttan
    Great contribution for xmas food bank! Well done Team.
  • Grace-Tenesha Yonkeu Heunga And Jasmine Sidhu
    By Mrs Barnes
    Excellent performance in the 1978 production
  • Jamie Andrews
    By Mrs Bailey
    Congratulations from all of our PT for being selected to be on the West Bromwich Albion Scholarship Programme!!
  • Jordan Barlow
    By Mr Leach
    Great effort this week in Maths and Product Design.
  • Esme Y, Jani, Sophia, Vanessa
    By Miss Gledhill
    Well done to our fantastic students for helping Miss Gledhill's PT get 4x boxes for the Food Bank Shoe Box Appeal. Special shout out to Jani for getting PT Star Student 2x weeks in a row!
  • Oliwia Rostankowska
    By Mr Follis
    Oliwia took part in the school production of 1978 The Ultimate Goal and was exceptional. Well done!
  • Millie Winwood
    By Miss Hubble
    For taking part in the 1978 performance this week. You were fantastic! Very proud of you.
  • Mohammed Faizan
    By Mr Sturley
    Faizan has worked really hard over the last couple of weeks to improve his behaviour and focus. We've seen a real improvement. Keep up the great work!
  • Lucas Woodward
    By Miss Payne
    Well done for winning 6 medals and 3 trophies in your recent swimming competition and for showing a charitable attitude by bringing in food for the shoebox collection.
  • Joel Turner
    By Miss Bulto
    Fantastic work in Science with IV, in Maths and in English this week. Very well done Joel! Please keep up the hard work. To top it up, your uniform has been absolutely spot on this week!
  • Gurkarn Singh
    By Miss S Kaur
    Helped out with Science club! Fantastic
  • Harlem Baugh
    By Dr Green
    For your Excellent Performance during the 1978 Project.
  • Cieran Nixon
    By Miss Millard
    An outstanding performance in the Academy 1978 Production this week, playing one of the main roles. A true role model to the Academy, well done Cieran! (LEM)

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