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No Session 3 - Tuesday 25 February

Due to a WBA home game, there is no Session 3 on Tuesday 25 February.



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Star Student

Ethan Samuels

PT Star Students

  • Jordan Barlow
    By Mr Wargos
    Jordan has been a good role model for others, a real pleasure and a credit to have in the tutor group. Jordan is a popular member not only in the tutor group but thanks to his creative thinking, great ideas and hard work across the whole school.
  • Joshua Bates
    By Mr Hallan
    Excellent in PT Great role model
  • Eve Fortune, Uttamjit Singh Kaur, Amrik Uppal
    By Mrs Virk
    Well done to Eve, Uttamjit, Amrik for getting the most positive comments from teachers in this week. Keep up the hard work!
  • Nicholas, Andrew And Zoe
    By Mrs Zivkovic
    It was hard to pick just one student this week due to the amazing accomplishments and contribution to the Academy from these three individuals. Well done and keep it up!
  • Kelayah Williams
    By Miss Bulman
    Recognised for producing high quality, amazing work in English.
  • PT Group
    By Mr Oppong-Adu
    fantastic term for the entire PT group. Keep working hard!!
  • Lydia Rogers
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done for getting so many positives!
  • Alesia Denisa Bujor
    By Mrs Akay
    Well done for getting so many positives this week!
  • Tia Taylor-Brown
    By Mr Hughes
    Tia represented the Academy extremely well on the weekend during Sixth Form open day. Tia was commended for her positive attitude whilst showing parents around the Academy. Well done Tia!
  • Jack Follos
    By Miss Roberts
    Jack is an excellent role model to the younger years and always does the right thing. Well done.
  • Manvir Sandhu
    By Miss Spillane
    For positive contributions to the academy.
  • Chloe Parkes
    By Mr Bansal
    Excellent results in her Year 11 mocks: Grade 9 in Chemistry; Grade 8 in Maths, History and Spanish Writing; Grade 7 in Biology and English Literature; and a L2D* in Health and Social Care. Well done Chloe. Keep up the hard work!
  • Kaydence Smith
    By Mr Butler
    For being a positive influence to her classmates and a role-model to the school
  • Henry Riley
    By Miss Lalria
    lots of positive this week!
  • Tamara Mpofu-Manyanda
    By Mr Bedford
    For volunteering to help out at the sixth form open day on Saturday! A great representation for the academy.
  • Insaf Moustakim
    By Miss Parker
    Insaf won her Business Studies Competition this week for her pitch for her new chocolate bar. Well done!
  • Tanisha Lochab
    By Mr Campbell
    Well done for being awarded 7 positives this week. We're very proud of your hard work!
  • Paven Bhandal & Rabnoor Kaur
    By Miss Deakin
    Well done both on achieving the most amount of positives in our PT this week across various subjects! Keep it up!
  • Mohammed Zain
    By Miss Peace
    Received 5 positives this week for an average of 1 positive received per day, well done!
  • Karanveer Purewal
    By Miss Woodhouse
    For an excellent week across all lessons and scoring the most amount of positives this week in PT. Well done.
  • Stephen Hackett
    By Mr Howard
    Congratulations on a good week in school and gaining Employee of the Month in your new job!
  • Joshua Harper
    By Mrs Fellows
    For his excellent conduct during the Sixth Form open morning. Well done Josh- we are very proud of you!
  • James Spiers
    By Mr Golden
    A much improved week from last week, in which James has showed a real positive attitude, and had a post card sent home in English for producing an excellent piece of work. Well Done
  • Khairah Laskar
    By Mr R Smith
    Fantastic effort this week, awarded lots of positives and shown great generosity donating to local food bank.
  • Satinder Heer
    By Miss S Kaur
    produced a fantastic movie for his lesson!
  • Cieran Nixon
    By Miss Millard
    Well done for an excellent assessment in Hospitality & Catering this week. You impressed with 3 amazing courses, tried and tasted. They were delicious. Well done Cieran.
  • Adam Khan
    By Mr Sturley
    Adam has performed excellently during his RE rotation - let's work to do this across all lessons! Well done!
  • Aminah, Kiranjit And George
    By Miss Soor
    Well done Aminah on the massive improvement in your behaviour and punctuality this week - keep it up! Well done Kiranjit and George for getting 6 and 5 positives this week! Fantastic and keep it up! :D
  • Aaliyah Begum
    By Mr Follis
    Aaliyah was the top performer in the PT this week, well done!
  • Jessica Haxhiaj
    By Mrs Barnes
    Thank you for giving up your Saturday morning to help show parents around the Academy
  • Saboor, Brahamjot And Kavanpreet
    By Mrs Hood
    Thank you to Saboor and Brahamjot for delivering Citizenship to the PT this week. Well done to Kavanpreet for achieving Positives all week. Keep it up
  • Kierah Graham-Steed
    By Mr Kearns
    Kierah has represented the academy this week by leading a tour for a visitor to the school. Well done for an excellent contribution this week Kierah.
  • Elan Pritchett
    By Mr Rayson
    Well done on getting more than 4 positives this week in a variety of different subjects. An excellent achievement, Keep up the great work!
  • Sam Cutting
    By Miss Ludy
    For always getting positives!
  • Brianna Sloley
    By Mr Duffield
    For receiving a post card home this week for excellent English work. Brianna also helps a lot in PT time with any tasks that need to be done. Well done!
  • Jamie Patel
    By Miss L Scott
    Jamie has completed his first week of Sixth Form duties this week which is fantastic, well done Jamie!
  • Sukhneet Kaur
    By Miss Gabrie
    Well done for receiving 6 positives this week! What an excellent achievement!
  • Timothy Cudail
    By Mr Khuttan
    Excellent achievement gaining the most positives for Walters. well done.
  • Jye Cope
    By Miss Oakley
    For his exceptional efforts in his Business project which he presented to the dragons.
  • Jake Mcdonald
    By Mr Byrne
    Well done for showing a fantastic commitment to all areas of Academy life - keep up the good work!
  • Alaina Gibbons
    By Miss Round
    For getting to the next stage of Aston Villa football trials - well done!

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