Careers, Information, Advice & Guidance (CIAG)

Sandwell Academy employs a full time Director of Careers and Industry Links, Mrs Sue Timms who is the Careers Leader for the Academy. She is supported by Miss Karen Soulsby, Independent Careers Advisor, Mrs Clair Drummond, Employer Engagement Officer, Miss Jessica Darwin, Careers Assistant and a part time Industrial Consultant Mrs Tracy Bosi, who is a former member of business and industry. Her aim is to enhance career preparation and organise work placement programmes for students.

Student Entitlements to Careers Education are set out in a newly updated Careers Policy (copies available in the Careers Department). There is a planned programme of Careers Education providing opportunities to develop and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to make realistic career decisions.

For any further information about the Careers Curriculum, please contact Sue Timms - Director of Careers and Guidance.

Attached are the DFE Guidelines

Our Careers Education and Guidance Policy can be found on our Useful Documents page.

Each student is entitled to:

  • Individual guidance from the Director of Careers, Industrial Consultants and Independent Employment and Training Consultant.
  • A 'drop-in' Careers Resource Centre with comprehensive and up-to-date information on opportunities in Education, Training and Employment.
  • Access to computer programmes: E-clips and Higher Ideas are careers databases of occupational information and provide job and career ideas for career exploration. Fast Tomato which is Interactive Careers Guidance and Education for teenagers.
  • Access to UCAS (information on universities in the UK).
  • A Careers Education Programme built into the Academy Curriculum.
  • A Work Placement

Careers Curriculum

Click here to see the Careers Curriculum for 2018/2019

Careers Resources

Schools Leavers Guide 2018

Volunteer Work Summary – By Kennedy Wheeler

Having successfully completed my A-Levels in July 2018, I am currently embarking on a gap year and as part of my year out I have been fortunate enough to be selected to take part in a twelve week volunteering programme in Tanzania, with Raleigh International, through ICS (International Citizen Service). Here I will be participating in a Livelihoods project!

The project aims at helping people start up or sustain local businesses in a country with major economic issues due to rural-urban migration trends. It also focuses on making women more engaged in the local community to enhance their quality of life. Whilst overseas, this will be the primary agenda of my team and I however we will also have the opportunity to help the communities we are based in with anything else they may need. This can range from educating people on basic sanitation and hygiene practices to promoting the importance of getting a good education and encouraging children to go to school.

Whilst in Tanzania, I will be living with a local family and participating in all aspects of everyday life. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will enable me to meet some fantastic people and change the lives of entire communities in Tanzania!

As part of my commitment to the project and in order to fund the work my team and I will be doing overseas, I have been asked to fundraise £800 all of which will go directly towards the project itself as my own personal expenses are covered by the governmental Department for International Development. Any donations no matter how big or small will enable us to make a huge difference to people's lives! Any donations made to my Just Giving page will go directly to Raleigh International:

Following my twelve week trip, I will be taking part in an Action at Home project to address some issues in my local community. I’m hoping to focus this around encouraging women into STEM subjects as this is something I am particularly passionate about since I am looking into a career in Civil Engineering.

I’d like to thank Sandwell Academy for the support they have given me over the last few years and for helping me to grow to be the person I am today. Their support has enabled me to access many opportunities which I feel will benefit me massively in the future and I encourage anybody to make the most of what the Academy can offer them.

Careers Champions

Here at Sandwell Academy we know that embedding CEIAG into the curriculum is crucial to ensuring a high quality career programme to our students. One of the ways to do this is to identify career champions within each curriculum area. Here are our career champions.

Laura Hubble
Laura Hubble
Performing Arts

Thomas Byrne
Thomas Byrne

Laura Hamill
Laura Hamill
Business Studies

Emilia Zivkovic
Emilija Zivkovic

Robbie Duffield
Robbie Duffield

Nozrul Hoque
Nozrul Hoque

Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott

Paven Soor
Paven Soor

Chelsea Spillane
Chelsea Spillance

Mohammed Ullah
Mohammed Ullah
Design Technology