GCE Spanish

Why Spanish?

With more and more students now taking up University places, the competition in the job market is reaching its peak, making it even more challenging for Graduates to find suitable employment. You therefore need to offer a potential employer an added extra to other candidates. This is where language learning can maximise your potential, as, students who possess the ability to speak a fluent level of Spanish, possess an extremely marketable and sought after skill.

With increased industry and trade links with Europe, the relevance and value of a foreign language have never been more obvious. Spanish is the world's third most spoken language and is the second most used language in international communication, and an official language of the UN and its organisations. Its importance in the economic field is growing faster than any other language as Spanish is the key to control business relationships with South America.

A language can in fact complement any other choice of subjects and provide you with a life long skill that can open up a whole new world of film, literature, art, sport etc.

Throughout the two year course, students will be given plenty of opportunity to put their language skills into practice. They will be encouraged to listen to Spanish radio and watch as much Spanish TV as they can, in addition to reading current newspapers and magazines. Students will also be encouraged to spend as much time in Spain as they can, with the possibility of taking part in a school exchange.

Course Type: A Level
Exam Board: Edexcel
Specific Entry Requirements:
Grade 6 in GCSE Spanish
Course Assessment:
Students will take 3 examinations at A Level with each examination having equal weighting of 33.3% each.
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Miss Roberts
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As well as studying a language for teaching, translation or interpreting, many students are now studying foreign languages alongside a number of other subjects in order to widen future job prospects in professions such as:
Accounting and Banking, Hospitality and Catering, Business Administration, Law,
Advanced Level Spanish aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the language and an ability to speak confidently with a high degree of fluency and accuracy and will include elements of all the following:
Speaking Spanish, Listening Skills, Reading Skills, Written Spanish, Interpreting, Translation, Grammar, Social Culture, History, Literature, Film

Course Outline

Sandwell Academy will follow the Edexcel exam specification.

  • A levels will now be fully linear, with students sitting their exams at the end of the two-year course. Students can go on to take the A level in year 2, but the first year qualification will not count towards the A level.
  • Set literature at A level (choice of text or film in Year 1). All assessed through a target language essay.
  • Independent research project at A level assessed within the speaking exam.
  • Compulsory themes: social issues and trends, political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture.
  • New Assessment Objective around knowledge and understanding of the target language culture - students will need to demonstrate this in the Edexcel specification in the speaking and writing components.

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