GCE Mathematics

Why Mathematics?

Mathematics is essential to the society we live in. It provides a language for the sciences and underpins our economy. It is impossible to operate the financial markets, the construction industry and the world of ICT without it. The opportunities for students of Mathematics, on completion of full-time education, are enormous. It complements and supports other courses, for example, Physics, Chemistry, Design Technology, Psychology and Business Studies. Qualifications in Mathematics are acceptable as an entry to many different careers.

Course Type: A Level
Exam Board: Edexcel
Specific Entry Requirements:
Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics
Course Assessment:
Students will take 3 examinations in Year 2 with each examination having equal weighting of 33.3% each.
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Mr Hughes
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Mathematics students at Sandwell Academy will be preparing to move into Higher Education courses and careers in the following fields::
Electronic Engineering, Research Chemistry, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Forensic Science, Business Administration, Aeronautics, Accountancy, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Actuarial Work, Economics, Psychology, Trading Standards

Course Outline

Mathematics Edexcel Syllabus: 9MA0

Students will undertake this two-year course studying a combination of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics before taking three examinations at the end of the course.

Subject Content include:

  • A: Proof
  • B: Algebra and Functions
  • C: Coordinate Geometry
  • D: Sequences and Series
  • E: Trigonometry
  • F: Exponential and Logarithms
  • G: Differentiation
  • H: Integration
  • I: Numerical methods
  • J: Vectors
  • K: Statistical Sampling
  • L: Data Presentation and Interpretation
  • M: Probability
  • N: Statistical Distribution
  • O: Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  • P: Quantities and Units in Mechanics
  • Q: Kinematics
  • R: Forces and Newton's Law
  • S: Moments

Examination Details:

Paper 1
Topics from A to J
2 hours
33.3% of A Level

Paper 2
Topics from A to J
2 hours
33.3% of A Level

Paper 3
Topics from K to S
2 hours
33.3% of A Level

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