BTEC Applied Science (Extended Certificate)

Why Applied Science?

The opportunities for students of Science, on completion of full-time education, are enormous. There are many possible careers within the scientific world and qualifications in Science subjects are acceptable as an entry into many other careers.

The Science courses offered at Sandwell Academy are designed to provide academic and vocational experiences. They will prepare students for their choice of career in both the world of work and Higher Education.

Course Type: BTEC
Exam Board: Pearson
Weight: Single
Specific Entry Requirements:
Grade 5,5 overall for GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy) or
Grade 5 for GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Seperate Science)
Course Assessment:
The course involves 4 units, 3 are mandatory, and 1 optional unit.
Contact Curriculum Leader for more information:
Mrs Chapman
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Applied Science students can move on to Higher Education courses and careers in the following areas:
Veterinary Science, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Mechanical Engineering, Lab Technician, Nursing, Environmental Studies, Biochemical Science, Food Science

Course Outline


Unit 1 – Principals and Applications of Science (Exam, externally assessed)

In this introductory unit, learners study key concepts and applications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Learners will make judgements and reach conclusions by evaluating scientific information and making connections between different scientific concepts, procedures and processes. In Biology, learners will study; cell structure, the heart, homeostasis and photosynthesis. In Chemistry, learners will study; the periodic table, bonding and structure and enthalpy changes. In Physics, learners will study; Waves and their uses in communication.

Unit 2 – Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques (Coursework – Internally assessed)

In this unit learners will gain skills in conducting quantitative analysis techniques in titration, colorimetry, calorimetry and chromatography. Learners will have the opportunity to calibrate equipment and conduct laboratory procedures and techniques safely. Learners will gain fundamental knowledge in scientific practical and transferable skills and be able to solve complex problems and interpret data. The experience gained from this unit will be invaluable to anyone who would wish to work in the chemical industry.

Year 2

Unit 3 – Science Investigation Skills (Exam, Externally assessed)

In this unit learners will develop the essential skills underpinning practical scientific investigations. Learners will acquire the skills needed in planning a scientific investigation, how to record, interpret, draw scientific conclusions and evaluate. Learners will need to use their knowledge and skills gained in Unit 1 and 2 to complete Unit 3. Learners will be provided with a case study two weeks prior to a supervised assessment in order to carry out a practical investigation and obtain results required to complete the assessment. The supervised assessment is a maximum of 90 minutes. Pearson sets and marks the written assessment.

Optional unit – (Coursework, Internally assessed)

Learners will have an opportunity to study an optional unit in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics. The units include human biology, organic chemistry, electrical circuits and astronomy. Learners will submit a portfolio of work to be internally assessed.

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