Sixth Form Performing Arts students perform an adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s musical 'RENT'

Mon, 07 Jun 2021

On Friday 21 May 2021, the Sixth Form Performing Arts students finally took to the stage to perform an adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s musical 'RENT'. The students from Year 12 and Year 13 have spent a number of weeks in rehearsal preparing for this performance which is to be assessed and used for two units of work. With restrictions currently in place due to COVID19 this was a different type of performance to what these students would have been used to, involving them performing purely for camera. Due to this they were given the incredible opportunity to be the first people to perform on the newly refurbished stage at the Millennium Point in Birmingham, making the most of the fantastic lighting and sound equipment they have on offer. The students have put in a lot of time, including late night rehearsals every Thursday, have spent an afternoon recording vocal tracks, as well as going above and beyond to put energy and enthusiasm into every they do. They have done themselves and the school proud.

Chloe Jeens in Year 13 said, “Performing Rent was a journey for us all, it challenged us in many way as we have never done such technical dance work for a show. We had also never had such a small cast but this gave us the chance to show our true ability through multi-rolling and provide each element of performing arts - dancing, singing and acting. Also, being able to perform in a totally new environment at Millennium Point made the experience twice as fun. To say this was my last performance makes me proud and I had such a great group of people to perform and create it with!”

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