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Alumni 2017

The 2017 Academy Reunion took place on 14 July 2017.


Alumni Registration Form

As part of Sandwell Academy's desire to maintain links with our ex-students, we are undertaking an Alumni registration programme.

Alumni Profiles


Accountancy, Business and Finance

Joseph Eaton Jack Davis Jamie Hawkins Christopher Hunt Rajbir Thind

Creative Arts and Design

Tim Victor

Information Technology

David Hall

Law, Enforcement and Security

David Hall

Science, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Teaching and Education

Shunara Begum Luke Davis Emma Douras Tyler Grainger Ryan Mullings Sammy-Jo Farrell Stephanie Wooton

Inspire a generation

Looking for a career in teaching, or do you think you could inspire a generation?

Sandwell Academy needs you!

As our alumni you hold the keys to an invaluable amount or real world experience and opportunity. We want to hear ALL about it.

We want you to visit us and inspire the next generation of alumniā€¦In turn providing you with exceptional CV building opportunities. We are looking for you to talk to students and engage with various aspects of our diverse curriculum and careers department.

  • Maybe you're a Medical student that could offer advice to other prospective doctors?
  • Are you a design or arts student that could offer creative support or guidance?
  • Could you give an insight into the world of apprenticeships?
  • Are you in the music/photography/media industry that could talk to our Media Studies students?

Whatever you think you could offer, we want to hear it.

Together we can inspire a future generation. Become part of the Alumni team today.

If you would like more information on events and activities contact Stephanie Wootton on or call on 0121 525 1700